Smart Lighting Devices Every Electrician Needs to Know

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Smart lighting devices are pretty simple. It’s really just a series of smart switches, smart plugs, smart timers, and smart sensors. Whether it’s for a home or business, these devices are focused on one thing: save time, save energy, save money.

Trey Humphreys, our District Manager for Colorado Mountain, has a lot to say about smart lighting and its benefits for both electricians and their customers.

“For contractors, most of the new smart lighting products are easy to install,” he said. “For homeowners and business owners, smart lighting improves their quality of life and helps save energy. These products check all the boxes, and they are an easy way to increase value in any property.”

To help electricians find easy-to-install smart lighting products, we’re looking at some of the most popular smart lighting brands on the market that every electrician needs to know.


Whereas some smart lighting devices are just that — lighting — NSi takes it up a notch with their TORK series, featuring indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi smart plugs, smart switches, smart daylight sensors, and even smart sockets for lighting.

It’s a complete solution to whole-home smart lighting that also comes with an app to control it all remotely. NSi TORK smart sockets are also integrated with voice-assisted features, meaning you can literally talk to your lights through Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

Smart lighting is all about convenience, and the NSi TORK series keeps the homeowner in mind with voice control, remote access, convenient scheduling, an easy setup, and multiple scene control. For residential contractors, these extra features are exactly what homeowners are looking for when it comes to smart lighting technology.

Lutron Caséta

Lutron Caséta is one of the most well-known smart lighting systems available today. With easy-to-install kits, homeowners can now take control over how their lighting consumes energy, and they can even do it themselves.

For Trey Humphreys and his district, Lutron Caséta is the most popular smart lighting brand among his customers.

“Lutron Caséta sells very well in our area,” he started. “It’s popular among electricians because it installs on existing wire, and it’s popular among homeowners because it’s so easy to use.”

Featuring smart lighting that doesn’t require smart bulbs and an app for remote control, Lutron Caséta delivers whole-home smart lighting that’s as simple to use as it is to install. Their collection contains smart dimmers and switches, smart remotes and motion sensors, and even expansion kits for larger homes.

Their system also integrates with the most popular smart home devices, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Sonos speakers, and more.

If you’re a residential electrician, you’ve probably already installed some of these in a home. It’s among the most requested smart lighting systems available today. Make sure you add this to your truck stock and never leave your homeowners waiting. 

Legrand radiant® Collection

Residential contractors have no shortage of options when it comes to smart lighting devices. The Legrand radiant® collection is another one we’re adding to the list. Similar to Lutron, this Legrand series of devices is easy to install and easy to use with their mobile app.

However, they’ve also taken smart lighting beyond just lighting. Adding convenience that fits any lifestyle, Legrand also created innovative wireless charging outlets and Wi-Fi-controlled switches for top-of-the-line flexibility. The radiant® collection is a must-know and a must-have.

“Smart lighting products like Lutron and Legrand can help increase revenue for any electrical contractor,” said Colorado Mountain District Manager Humphreys. “If you work on homes and want to grow your business, you have to be focused on smart lighting. Its benefits and features are a no-brainer for homeowners. It truly makes their lives more convenient.”

Legrand radiant® sensors, dimmers, and switches can help homeowners save money and cut energy costs.

Legrand Wattstopper

Smart lighting isn’t just made for the home. Legrand created their Wattstopper product line to offer comprehensive, scalable, and flexible energy-efficient lighting controls and solutions for commercial applications. Before, smart lighting for commercial buildings was a complex system. Today, it’s made simple for both the contractor and the end-user.

Legrand’s Wattstopper series features digital lighting controls, outdoor power, plug load control, cable management, and data center solutions. Already recognized as a leader in smart technology, Legrand is leading the way once again in commercial smart lighting solutions.

For commercial electricians who work with smart technology, Legrand is a trusted and reliable solution for any building and any energy-saving goal.    

Generac Generators

Okay, generators are not a smart lighting device. However, with so many essential devices connected to the grid, it’s never been more important for homes and businesses to have reliable backup power.

Today, the average home has more than 10 connected smart devices. The average business has even more. That’s quite the load on the electrical system of any home or business. With a Generac backup generator, critical devices such as your smart lighting system can stay connected and powered even in the event of a power outage. Now that’s just smart.  

How We Can Help You with Smart Lighting Devices

No matter what smart lighting job you have on hand, City Electric Supply has the industry knowledge you rely on with the electrical products you need. Shop us online for the most popular smart lighting brands like NSi, Lutron, Legrand, and more. You can also visit us in-store at any of our 500+ locations!

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