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Simply the BAS

  • June 3, 2019
  • Written By: Brooke Williams
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Just like smart homes, commercial buildings can utilize devices and connected systems to make the building run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Building automation systems (BAS) can be used in commercial buildings of any size, and they are cost-effective, eliminating wasteful energy consumption. As the smart trend continues, City Electric Supply outfits many contractors with the supplies needed to retrofit older equipment, and we also have the items needed to build a smart building from the ground up.

BAS Capabilities

BAS makes your building operate more efficiently by using different programs to perform tasks. Many of the common functions that are manually controlled can be set to run automatically, and smart technology can learn better habits when programmed. Smart programs can integrate with all parts of the building, including:

HVAC and Lighting Schedules

Program the BAS to run your lights, heat, and AC at specific times that best suit your facility.

Plug Load Control

For commercial businesses, everything that’s plugged into the building takes up energy and adds to energy costs. This is known as plug load. With a smart system, you can control what electronics stay on and turn off when not being used. You can also set up motion sensors to only keep things running when someone is present.

Make Building Systems Work Together

You can integrate systems so that they work together. For example, in a break room, you can set a sensor so that when the light turns on, the TV turns on as well.

Reports on Heating and Cooling Use

From a program on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can see which HVAC facilities are in operation and control them properly for optimal use.


Some BAS devices can detect certain emergencies. Fire and smoke detectors with smart capabilities can send out notifications to people within the building, allowing them time to get to safety while reducing damage to the building.

Self-Diagnosis and Reporting

Building automation systems can identify and report issues it finds with some aspects of the facility. Should the AC or lighting malfunction, a smart system can diagnose and notify managers to get the problem fixed quickly.

Why BAS?

Though it seems technology this advanced should be more expensive, it’s relatively affordable. Some systems can be pricey, but the benefits and savings will quickly add up. The money saved by automating systems such as lighting, heating, and cooling can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. Even repair costs and malfunctions can be reduced by getting notified immediately if something is wrong, and the life of your equipment can be extended, as it’s used efficiently and only when needed.

Building automation systems are also better for the environment. LEED building is key for newly built structures, and BAS can help a facility reach high certification. Because an automated system reduces energy consumption, it will immediately make your building more environmentally friendly. By decreasing the facility’s energy usage, you will reduce your building’s output of greenhouse gases, causing air quality to improve.

CES hosts many brands and smart products that can integrate with your current smart technology, or even help you start your building’s automation system from scratch. Whether you’re building a new facility or just want your current building to run more efficiently, CES can help supply you with the parts and equipment you’ll need. Visit us today!


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