Scott Evans Tackles the Arizona Market

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This is the story of one of the youngest branch managers in City Electric Supply (CES) history, Scott “Scotty” Evans. It starts in a pub called Gabby’s, where Evans’ father, Charles Lee Evans, was hanging out with Old Man Bill, a local with the perfect job opportunity for young Scott Evans — selling newspaper subscriptions door to door.

Door-to-Door Salesman

“If you want to learn sales quickly, try going door to door,” said Evans. “You learn a lot from getting 100 doors shut in your face.”

It was hard work, but it didn’t scare him away. In fact, Evans was getting the hang of door-to-door sales when he found his next big opportunity — helping his step-father, John Gaspari, in the electrical business.

Yard Dog

“I started as a yard dog when I was 15,” explained Evans. “I’d work with my step-dad in the summers and any time I had any kind of break in school.”

From the ages of 15 to 21, Evans spent his time learning the ins and outs of the electrical business — and it paid off.

“My step-father started working at CES, and he loved it there. He told me they had a lot of great opportunities,” said Evans. “Through him, I met Thomas Mackie and Dan Williams, and they decided to make me the branch manager of CES Apache Junction.”

Branch Manager

So, there he was — 21 years old, one of the youngest branch managers in CES history, figuring things out one day at a time. He had four big things going for him: sales experience, working knowledge of the field, an understanding of the Arizona marketplace, and the confidence of Mackie and Williams.

With their trust, he thrived.

“The autonomy they gave me was a big part of my success,” said Evans. “You can hop in your car and bring people things yourself if you need to. You don’t have to run every move past somebody. CES doesn’t restrict their employees, which means they don’t have to restrict their customers, either.”

And while Evans enjoyed the position, he left for a short while in 2007 to expand his knowledge and try his hand at being an electrical contractor. Little did he know, he’d be back soon as an outside sales rep, and his new experience would help.

Outside Sales Rep

“I came back to CES in 2011 and saw one, that CES knew how to take care of their contractors, and two, that CES had really grown in the Arizona area. They’d developed solid relationships with rep agencies. I think CES is the best at building those relationships,” said Evans.

According to Evans, relationships make all of the difference.

“You can be mechanically inclined and know how to run conduit, but if you can’t read people and understand them, you can’t run a good business,” said Evans.

Evans knows a lot about how to build strong business relationships. After all, one of his business relationships got him a free trip to Hawaii.

“One day, a customer came into the branch with a list of $9,000 of materials,” said Evans. “I asked about the project and told him I didn’t think the list was right.”

“I told him to bring me the print, and I’d take a look,” Evans continued. “He came back a couple hours later with the print, and I went over everything with him. We found out he only needed about $3,500 of materials.”

Blown away by Evans’ honesty and proactivity, the two became friends. And as a thank-you, the customer took him and his family to Hawaii, all expenses paid.

“He took us to Hawaii, on his boat, everywhere,” said Evans. “He told me, ‘I want to help you the way you helped me.’”

Building Relationships

For Evans, customer relationships are a big benefit of working at CES. Another benefit? Landing exciting projects.

“I’ve had so many great jobs through CES,” said Evans. “I supplied wire for the new sound system for the Arizona Cardinals. I’ve worked on downtown Phoenix, Pier 54, and all four ice rinks for the Coyotes’ Ice Den. There are too many projects to list.”

Evans thanks his mother, Joanne Evans; his father, Charles Evans; and his step-father, John Gaspari for their support throughout the years that helped him achieve so many accomplishments. He also thanks his wife, Katie Evans, for her support since the beginning.

“Without Katie, none of this could have happened,” said Evans. “She’s supported me since the day we met.

Scott Evans and his wife, Katie Evans.

And he’s also grateful for the advice he’s received from his two biggest mentors — CES VP of Operations Dan Williams and former coworker John Milonivich.

“They both taught me not to hoard knowledge. Learn as much as you can, and share as much as you learn,” said Evans. “So, that’s what I try to do.”

And Evans has definitely learned a lot over the years.

“I’ve learned a lot through trial and error. No two days look alike here. I’m always trying new things and working on new projects,” said Evans. “My advice to others is to listen to the people you work with and never give up on your dream.”

Living the Dream

Evans is in quite the position to say that, too, as he’s living his own dream.

“I wake up every day to new challenges, and that motivates me,” said Evans. “I started by going door to door and getting doors slammed in my face, and now I’m here, excited to work every day and meet new people.”

And meeting new people is one big perk for Evans.

“I’m a social butterfly,” Evans laughed. “I enjoy the work and getting to know people from work on a personal level.”

You heard him! So, stop by next time you’re in Arizona. Evans knows his way around the area, just like he knows his way around the electrical field.

He’s come a long way since he was 15 years old, helping his step-father in the summers. But when we asked him what his plans were for the future, his answer surprised us.

“If I’m being completely honest, I don’t know,” said Evans. “I’m making the most of every day, but when you ask me where I’ll be in five years, I don’t know what to say. All I can say is that I take each project as it comes. But that’s what excites me. I wouldn’t have any other job.”

Scott Evans, we are extremely glad to hear that, and we can’t wait to see what you do next!

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