More Than 30 City Electric Supply Branches Donate Over 1,000 Toys To Children In Need This Holiday Season

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Christmas magic sometimes comes with a hefty price. That’s why more than 30 City Electric Supply (CES) branches last year committed to hosting their first-ever toy drive. They successfully donated hundreds of toys and picked the mission right back up this holiday season for the second annual toy drive. This year, the results were even greater. Thirty-three CES locations donated over 1,000 toys to three different nonprofits across the eastern part of Texas. 

‘Doing things for our community shows that we are more than just a business. We are part of something larger than ourselves. Any chance CES has to get involved with additional causes is really important to us,’ said Regional Manager Nate Jefferson. ‘The communities that CES gets to work in mean so much to our branch teams, and all of our locations wanted to do their part and give back this holiday season.’ Read more…

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