Meet the 2022 CES Picks $5K and $10K Champions

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“Oh, that’s awesome!” exclaimed City Electric Supply (CES) Branch Manager Daniel Polk when he heard he won $5,000 playing CES Picks. “All that time of watching sports paid off.”

And a stunned $10,000 winner, CES Branch Manager Ed Bolka kept repeating, “That is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

These two dedicated fans played CES Picks throughout the 2022 regular season and walked away HUGE winners!

The $5K Winner from CES Morehead City

Polk won his big prize by finishing the season at the top of the CES Picks points leaderboard. While it only took minutes each week to put in his picks, he put a lot of consideration into each game.

“I tried to look at it more as a coach and thought about which team could win it instead of as a fan and who I wanted to win,” Polk said.

Polk has been a dedicated CES Picks player since the first season in 2015. Besides his love of football, what also kept him playing was his friends and family.

“It’s a great opportunity for everybody to get involved,” Polk said. “A little bit of competition between all of us brings camaraderie. Create your own division or league within the contest and have fun with it.”

The $10K Winner from CES Richmond North

Bolka, who has been playing CES Picks since 2018, said about his win, “There are almost no words to say how exciting that is. I’m just glad that I’ve kept playing every year.”

He had a week of perfect picks, which entered him into the $10,000 drawing at the end of the season.

And Bolka raked in even more cash this year, earning 2nd place during one week of picks — and an extra $400. CES Picks awarded each week’s top five weekly Picks players gift cards from $100 to $500.

Beyond the prizes, Bolka and his branch team have a great time each season. 

“We have our own league here through our division, and we battle each other each week, so it’s fun,” said Bolka. “Sam Morse, our district manager, gets a trophy for each year’s winner, and I won it in 2018. So, I’m the first two-time winner in our division.”

With this impressive win record, Bolka must have a strategy, right?

“Absolutely. But I’ve got to keep it a secret,” he slyly said.

Luckily, Bolka is a great sport and plans to take his branch team out for a night out on the town to celebrate.

How Will They Spend Their Winnings?

What else will the two winners do with their prize money? Polk said his prize came at the perfect time, as he’d like to put money toward his house and take care of recent unexpected expenses. “It really gives us some breathing room,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bolka wants to plan a getaway. “Definitely to an island somewhere,” he said.

Congratulations to these two CES team members’ well-deserved wins and all the weekly prize winners. 

CES Picks is always free to play, and the 2023-2024 season will be here before you know it, so don’t forget to invite friends, family, and co-workers to join in. Who knows — you or someone you know could win BIG!

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