Why LED Warehouse Lighting is Smarter

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Guide to Energy-Efficient Warehouse Lighting Solutions

Commercial lighting systems are changing rapidly, with new and improved technologies. Whether you’re constructing new buildings, upgrading lighting at your existing location, this guide highlights how your business can take warehouse lighting to the next level of illumination.

Making the switch: Investing in Warehouse LED Saves

warehouse lighting - LED

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs, and reducing utility expenses is a popular way to achieve that goal.

Electricity bills can be a large expense every month, especially companies with large warehouses, and manufacturing floors.

Changing all of your lights to LED light bulbs is a great way to start, and you will recoup the biggest savings. Moving to a smarter lighting option will minimize your electricity bill at the end of the month, and still maintain a high operating level.

Many of the current lights installed are of older technology, designed from as far as 40 years ago. They are now costly and inefficient.

The more efficient solution has become increasingly popular over the past few years. They are light emitting diode systems or best known as LEDs.

LED lighting for Industrial Facilities

This efficient option has many benefits that can increase profitability and safety. In many cases, the return on investment on LED warehouse lighting is seen in well under two years.

Another benefit of LED lighting for industrial facilities is that they are a favorable option because of their safety features such as instant on and off features, and dimmable and can be used with occupancy sensors.

Warehouse or factory lights need to be hard working, long lasting, and durable. City Electric Supply LED lighting provides the perfect solution that fulfills all criteria.

LED lighting is a convenient solution. In a warehouse, the act of changing a light bulb or tube becomes a labor-intensive and complex process, whereas LED bulbs last as much as ten times longer. This makes a major difference in maintenance requirements.

Investing in automatic lighting control for your LED bulbs is another smart way of benefiting from energy efficiency.

With lighting control, lights can be automatically switched off in certain areas where no one is using them.

Some businesses are already catching on the smart lighting trend but it is happening at a slow pace.

Adopt LED Lighting for Warehouses and Get the Best ROI


The U.S. Department of Energy in 2015 reported the adoption of LEDs stated that by 2030, 84 percent of all lighting sales will be LEDs.

The report also stated in 2014, there were 139 million low/high bay fixtures installed in the U.S., and 3.1 million of those were LED. If all of the lights installed were LED, the entire country would save collectively around $12 billion in energy costs. This is equivalent to about 1,165 tBtus of source energy.

The potential financial benefits show all that can be gained by choosing warehouse lighting with smarter LED systems.

CES has the products that deliver the sustainable, fully integrated solutions that are cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. CES enables to provide you with a customized solution for all of your applications.

LED lighting continues to be an enormous growth factor for your customer. All the features and safety will make customers, and end users much more profitable operating in a safer environment.

CES can help you lower energy use and reduce operation costs. Have you made the switch to LED for warehouses? It’s a smarter solution.


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