Ken Booe: Teaching Electrical for 25 Years and Counting

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For more than 20 years, the branch manager of City Electric Supply Young Harris, Ken Booe, has been helping more than just his customers with electrical work.

“In 1993, my son who was 12 years old at the time, came to me and said he wanted to go on a mission to Haiti and volunteer his time,” said Booe.

So, Booe and his son went on a week-long trip their first year where they helped the community in Léogane with electrical work.

“When we came home, I knew immediately that I wanted to go back, and I did,” said Booe.

With support from his local church, he has gone to Haiti many times in the past 25 years. Sometimes he goes alone, sometimes he takes other volunteers, and sometimes he gets to go with his wife, who plays a very important role on those trips.

“I actually met my wife the first year where she joined with a couple of nurses, and she has been a great asset each time,” mentioned Booe.

New Year, New Projects

Each year, Booe goes and works on a new project, wherever he can be of most help. Sometimes he’s hanging lights, and sometimes he’s putting pipe in the ground.

“I also go back to work on generators or any other electrical projects they may have,” said Booe.

Booe’s goal is to help with electrical work and teach people what he knows. One man Booe met in Haiti was particularly inspired, showing an interest in going to electrical school.

“He enjoys coming out with me and learning about it,” said Booe. “The best part is I enjoy teaching him everything I know.”

He often calls Booe while studying to ask questions, and Booe loves every second of it. Another thing Booe loves? Donating supplies.

“I gather clothing and promotional items to take with me,” said Booe. “Sometimes, I’ll take CES shirts from my employees and myself.”

Along with the clothing and promotional items, Booe and his wife, Shelley, have also purchased Klein Tools kits and other tools from the branch to donate.

“I use donations and money out of my pocket to purchase tools and other items to take over to Haiti,” said Booe. “Tamlite has even been instrumental in helping me with lighting.”

Booe’s Passion Shines Through

Booe has a passion for teaching people about the electrical field, and he doesn’t anticipate stopping anytime soon.

“I love it! I have developed so many friends,” Booe said. “It is my calling and I know I am going to keep going until the day I can’t anymore.”

Booe thanks City Electric Supply and his family for their help. Like his work, it doesn’t look like their support will be stopping anytime soon.

“City gives me the support to take the time off and help those who need it, and my wife always supports me when I decide I want to go,” said Booe.

Thank you, Ken Booe, for sharing your knowledge of the electrical field. We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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