Head Off the Summer Heat with Klein Cooling Gear

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The job doesn’t stop (or even slow down) just because it’s hot out. Luckily, Klein Tools cooling gear helps everyone onsite stay safer and more comfortable when temperatures rise.

“We know that almost 70% of heat-related illnesses occur within the first few days of extreme heat. So, we wanted to provide solutions to keep our tradesmen and women cooled on the job,” said Alan Frakes, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at Klein.

Learn how Klein cooling gear helps prevent heat exhaustion even during the hottest summer days.

Klein Cooling Gear

“A lot of our cooling gear is made of advanced fabrics. They are evaporative, wick away sweat, and most importantly, keep you cool,” said Frakes.

For example, Klein Cooling PVA Towels can draw in almost 20 times their weight in water like a sponge. Simply wring out the towels anytime to activate their cooling ability.

The performance fabric stays up to 30 degrees cooler than body temperature for up to two hours. Wring out these towels anytime, and they start cooling again in under a minute.

“We have had the best sales with the cooling towels!” said City Electric Supply Brandon FL Branch Manager Samantha Lacroix. “They last long and are machine-washable, so you can wear them day after day.”

Another great option is the Neck and Face Cooling Band. It features an anti-odor treatment, UPF 50+ sun protection, and can be worn in a variety of ways. For example, wear it over the nose and mouth, around the head and neck only, or tie back hair.

Additionally, the PVA Towels and Neck and Face Cooling Bands are available in high-visibility yellow for extra safety.

The Klein cooling gear line also includes headbands, do-rags, and helmet liners featuring a breathable mesh crown. Each product wears comfortably alone or under hard hats or safety helmets.

All pieces are one-size-fit-most and stretch to allow a comfortable movement. Yet, they are durable enough for demanding daily use.

“It’s the perfect product line for us in Florida,” said Lacroix. “Our customers use the cooling gear at job sites and on the docks, pretty much anywhere outdoors in the sun. But also inside hot attic spaces and new construction buildings as well.”

Klein Hard Hat Cooling Fan

The Klein Hard Hat Cooling Fan appeared on the market last year and quickly became a popular product. The dual fans attach to the back of the helmet and continuously circulate fresh air through air ducts. These easy-to-attach ducts provide 16 ways to cool off.

“Professional tradespeople like that it has many configurations, from blowing on the top of your head to the back of your neck and on your face,” said Frakes. “They also like that it comes with attachments for full brim hard hats. Our customers tell us it is a game-changer for when you are dripping with sweat.”

The rechargeable battery provides up to six and a half hours of cooling, depending on fan speed. And the fan itself is quiet enough to hear one’s surroundings. Altogether the system feels practically unnoticeable, weighing less than half a pound.

It’s never too late to beat the heat! Find the entire line of Klein Cooling Gear, including the Hard Hat Cooling Fan at City Electric Supply, and order today.

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