Celebrating Glenn Ford’s 25 Years (So Far) with CES and TAMCO

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When Glenn Ford interviewed at City Electric Supply (CES) in 1998, he promised his manager hard work, dedication and commitment. Twenty-five years later, he’s still delivering on that promise as warehouse manager at the TAMCO fulfillment center in Charlotte, North Carolina, which houses six brands exclusive to CES. 

Whether on the distribution side of the business with CES or the manufacturing side with TAMCO, Ford can see his path clearly: “As long as I’m mobile and can do my job well, this is where I’ll be.”

Getting Started at CES

In 1998, with a growing family, Ford decided that he was ready for a new challenge. He was introduced to CES through his uncle who worked at CES West Columbia; the morning after his interview, Ford arrived at 7 a.m. for his first day as a driver.

In the 25 years since, Ford has proven to be a jack of all trades. Less than a year after starting as a driver, he transferred branches to work a counter position at CES Lexington before returning to West Columbia as operations manager. “I’ll always remember the day they paged me to come back to West Columbia, because I was actually sitting in the dentist chair getting a root canal at the time,” Ford recalls with a laugh. He loved the role and went on to serve as operations manager for two more branches before finding his current niche in warehouse management.

Taking Stock

Ford’s knack for sales and inventory was a key component of his top-tier customer service, and he set a new precedent for stock at every branch he touched. He took the time to know his customers and kept the items they needed on the shelves.

“Attention to inventory was important to me. If you don’t have the item the customer needs, you may lose that opportunity to build a relationship,” said Ford. “The more options you have available for customers, the more confidence they have in you. I took pride in having my hand on everything that came in and out of the door.”

With this mindset, it was obvious that he’d found not only where his talents and skills lie, but his passion as well. He seamlessly transitioned to managing a small fulfillment center next to the CES Lexington branch in 2006, tasked with pulling faxed orders and preparing materials for drivers to deliver to branches.

In 2008, Ford doubled down on his warehouse work. He spent the first three days of the week filling and packing orders, and the next two days delivering them to branches; after two years solo, he gained four employees and continued to hone his craft. He knew the hard work had paid off when he was called for a management position at the nearby TAMCO fulfillment center.

Enduring Through Challenges

The word “dedicated” is high on the list of words that describe Ford. When his twin daughters were born in 2003, they spent their first few weeks in the NICU. With the girls connected to heart and apnea monitors, he spent most nights sleeping on the floor next to their beds. He was working at the Orangeburg branch at the time; after 3 a.m. feedings, he would start his 50-mile commute to open the store.

Through two divorces, the births of his three children, and the death of parents, Ford has faced his fair share of challenges during his career. But one thing has always remained, and that’s his work at CES and TAMCO.

“Everything in my life has changed, but my one constant has been my work. I’ve filled many roles on both sides of the business, but I know this: as long as I’m in with CES or TAMCO, I’ll be just fine,” Ford said. “This job has given me life.”

Looking Back

There’s a lot for Ford to be proud of when it comes to his career. He worked hard to earn his first company truck (a 2012 F150 extended cab, he still recalls with a smile), traveled to England and China on CES business, and even helped open the TAMCO fulfillment center in Charlotte, North Carolina. But when asked what keeps him motivated, he brings it back to an average day in the warehouse.

“I take pride in the material leaving this facility and making it to the branch in an undamaged fashion,” he said. “I’ve worked on the operations manager side; I know how I would want my material to look, and I make sure that we meet that standard. We have a fantastic team working to make that happen.”

Ford believes that CES and TAMCO are strong places to build and grow a career. He passes on the wisdom he’s gained over the years to encourage new employees, helping them to see the opportunities that can become possible through hard work.

“I didn’t know anything about electrical wholesale distribution before I came to CES,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot and learned a lot. To someone starting out, I’d say to pay attention and learn. Take in all the knowledge you can. You can go as far as you want in this company, if you apply yourself. I am proof of that.”

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