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The growing desire for green spaces and technology increases the need for EV-compatible infrastructure too. But this also means implementing new industry standards in the construction of commercial properties.

Many businesses today struggle to modernize their properties and get up to speed on EV-ready solutions for their customers. Fortunately, one of the leading companies in electric mobility, ChargePoint, provides one of the biggest networks of charging stations across the country. Learn how to make your business EV-ready and how ChargePoint can help.

What It Takes for a Business Space to Be EV-Ready 

Understanding the requirements for your commercial property to cater to environmentally friendly cars is an important first step.

The requirements of an EV-ready/EV-capable commercial space can vary from region to region. But according to the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), a business needs “a designated parking space that has one 50-amp, 208/240-volt branch circuit with Level 2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) that specifically services electric vehicles.”

Next, find out where you can gain access to the technology. That’s where ChargePoint comes in.

Become a Site Host for Charging Stations with ChargePoint in Partnership With CES

ChargePoint is a leader in the EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) space. 

In partnership with electrical wholesaler City Electric Supply (CES), ChargePoint offers an array of EV solutions available for purchase to begin your commercial charging station installation project.

“For CES, it’s great to be partnered with ChargePoint. We are selling a reputable product and we are providing our customers with value and experience of the EVSE industry,” CES EV Division Sales Manager Josh Kovalcik added. 

With the EV Division of City Electric Supply, business owners can get in touch via email at to gain knowledge on product selection and project advice for becoming EV-ready. Or potential customers can contact ChargePoint directly.

ChargePoint can also partner with a third-party owner-operator that helps businesses convert their spaces, such as parking lots, into green spaces by installing and operating ChargePoint charging stations. 

For example, an established business, like a hotel, can allow some of its parking spaces to access a plug-in outlet for electric cars. ChargePoint supplies the charging stations for those spaces, and the business earns partial revenue from being a site host.

How ChargePoint Assists with Maintenance and Costs

A business must budget for soft costs such as a permit for installing a charging station, complying with the American Disability Association regarding EV-ready spaces for people with disabilities, and funding the actual integration of green spaces.

Other soft costs include planning out how many charging stations to place in a chosen area and preparing the actual site for installation.

With ChargePoint, your business can get assistance in planning and budgeting to become EV-ready through incentives like tax credits, rebates, and grants. The ChargePoint website provides information on how a charging station installation project can be funded by the state commission and how to apply. 

Go to Next, complete the process by selecting the “Commercial and Fleet Stations” category in Step 1, and pick the state where you operate your business in Step 2. Then, after reviewing your options in the “Your Sustainability Goals” section, scroll down and click the “Talk to An Expert” button to get started. 

Additionally, as with any technology, a business should expect routine mandatory inspections, repairs, and possibly resolving technical difficulties with charging station software. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “general maintenance for EVSE includes storing charging cables securely, checking parts periodically, and keeping the equipment clean.” 

The Public EV Charging Infrastructure Guide by the Fuels Institute estimates that charging station upkeep costs businesses $400 a year per charging station when no warranty or maintenance program is in place.

ChargePoint offers a standard two-year warranty and a maintenance program called ChargePoint Assure®️. This program includes all-day monitoring, on-site emergency service due to damage or malfunction, automatic system updates, monthly and quarterly records of usage, and off-site assessment of charging stations.

What Are the Benefits? 

When businesses enter a partnership as a third-party owner, those businesses can earn state and federal credits as the property owner of the environmentally friendly converted space. 

Additionally, your business’ corporate brand can receive positive feedback from customers who advocate for and support clean energy initiatives. 

As mentioned earlier, a business earns a share of the profits from the energy used at a charging station. Plus, with ChargePoint, a business can also take advantage of warranty and maintenance programs that last up to five years.

Want to Learn More About How To Get Your Business EV-Ready?

Check out EV products and charging cables from ChargePoint at or visit the ChargePoint main website at to get a consultation and select the best plan to get started on your commercial charging station installation project today!

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