Get Lit with 5 LED Strip Lights Ideas!

  • February 14, 2017
  • Written By: Beatriz McDonald
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There are countless uses for multicolored LED strip lights. You can use them in residential, office, retail, and commercial installations. Whether for aesthetic or functional purposes, there are countless LED multicolor uses that turn rooms into a colorful new dimension.

The great news is that LED strip lights provide a cost efficient alternative compared to traditional light bulbs. Get lit with these ideas we put together to make your rooms a little brighter!

Depending on what kind of installation you want to do, you have to get an idea of how much LED strip lights you’ll have to use. The process is also easier when you know how to mount and set them up. For some strips, it’s easy as just exposing the adhesive backing and sticking them unto a clean surface. For other installations, it can be a longer process of mounting, cutting and wiring LED strips together.

Before you install LED strip lights:

  • Know the length of strip needed.
  • Know strip’s power and voltage requirements.
  • Understand flexibility of LED strips.
  • Choose color and brightness desired.
  • Decide how you’ll dim, control, or program the strips.
  • Always use the recommended voltage.

There are so many places that can be benefited with some extra lighting for example: underneath kitchen cabinets, in front of reception desks, in entertainment rooms, underneath bar counters, and night clubs. Check out some of the different possibilities and get inspired to create your own lighting adventure!


Install in stairwell


These strip lights will prevent you and your guests from tripping over an unexpected step up or down.


Underneath kitchen counters


LED strip lights provide a modern look to kitchen areas.


Around crown molding trim


Transform entertainment rooms into lighting experiences.

LED Building Lighting


Commercial applications can be illuminated with LED strip lights – providing energy savings and a multicolor night life experience.


Vehicle Lighting


Even on-the-go, vehicles can also dazzle with LED strip lights.

Why you should install LED Strip Lights

LED lights are the best lighting technology – they fluorescent and incandescent lighting in every aspect:


  • Average lifespan
  • Low wattage
  • Total long-term operational cost
  • Average cost of bulbs over a long period


LED strip lights deliver a beautiful lighting experience that turns traditional rooms into brilliant works of modern lighting. LED strip lights are fairly easy to install and the end result will help you save energy.


Watch the video below to learn more about our TALRT16KIT Series LED Chase Tape product overview:

Tell us in the comments below about your experience installing LED strip lights.

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