Generac Clean Energy Training for CES Cincinnati, Ohio Group

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The City Electric Supply (CES) Cincinnati district hosted their first Generac clean energy training! Generac shared the latest in solar management with approximately 25 contractors and CES employees.

“This is our first training with clean energy,” CES District Manager Shawn Howard explained. “We also do a yearly training with Generac on generators.”

Generac Market Development Manager James Watters led the session, covering power cells, battery units, and units that work in conjunction with solar panels.

“The clean energy product lineup included PWRcell, PWRgenerator, and PWRmicro,” said Generac Regional Manager Colin Wagner. “The main benefits of these products are giving homeowners more control over the energy created from their solar, as well as giving them a system that is manufactured and warrantied by one company.”

PWRcell is a battery storage system that harnesses power from the sun or electrical grid. This system manages the stored power to help reduce homeowners’ electric bills and provide backup power during utility power outages.

PWRgenerator is a DC generator that was built to automatically recharge the PWRcell if it runs low on charge. When the PWRgenerator pairs with a PWRcell, homes can become fully energy independent.

Finally, PWRmicro is a solar microinverter series for residential use. These microinverters reduce the installation time of a Generac home solar storage system through simplified wiring. The PWRmicro also allows installers the flexibility to work with any home’s solar roofing system.

“The training was great and had an amazing turnout,” said Wagner. “James did a great job going over the topics and explaining the details of the products.”

“A lot of people are getting into solar panel installs, and we’re excited to learn about Generac’s new products on the market,” said Howard.

Looking to get into the clean energy market? Learning more through City Electric Supply and Generac is a great start! Contact for upcoming Generac clean energy and generator training events in your area.

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