Episode 59 | Sustainability Through Growth

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Behind every great organization is a dedicated team willing to go above and beyond every day to be successful. Through consistency and perseverance, team members across the country at City Electric Supply (CES) have put in time and effort to sustain the growth of our branch network of over 550 locations.

“Team members here represent what City Electric Supply is all about,” said Senior Regional Manager Kevin Feidler. “It’s our core values, our relationships, the way we go about doing business, and the way we serve our customers.”

Success Decades in the Making

Success doesn’t happen overnight. That’s especially true for many CES branches and team members that have crossed the outstanding 25th-anniversary milestone.

“I was actually one of the first employees here at CES Augusta West in Georgia,” said Branch Manager Brian Taylor. “You’re here day one, then suddenly you blink, and you’re celebrating 25 years.”

“I’m very proud to have served 25 years in this market. I’ve worked in the Durham, North Carolina, area for about 20 years,” said Regional Manager Billy Barham.

“I’ve been at CES Durham for about 17 years,” added Sales Rep. Steve Dittmann.

“I started at CES in 1997,” said Regional Manager R.T. Smith.

“I’ve been working for City Electric Supply for 20 years,” added Counter Salesman Robert Thompson.

“I’ve been with the company for 30 years,” added Co-COO Andrew Dawes.

Many long-time team members have been a fundamental part of the impact CES has had on the electrical industry. The key to success? The ability to grow from within. 

Growing From Within

“This company will take care of you,” said Branch Manager Grayson McCraw. “CES believes in promoting from within.”

“I started as a van driver, and then I worked my way through various roles to where I am today,” said Dawes. 

“I started as a counter person, moved into the branch manager role a year or so after that,” added District Manager Bruce Marvin. “And then years later, I became a district manager.”

“I started as a branch manager in Southeast Florida. After managing three branches, I had an opportunity to go out to Tucson, Arizona, as a district manager. From Tucson back to Florida, I became a district manager once again, then I eventually moved up to regional manager,” said Senior Regional Manager Mark Mickley. 

“The opportunities that CES has given us is a blessing,” added Branch Manager Jeremy Shindledecker. “The growth opportunities provided throughout the company and the learning experience shared, it’s been wonderful to experience the opportunities City Electric Supply has given us.”

Opportunity to Thrive

At City Electric Supply, providing team members with the opportunities to thrive throughout the company is the secret to continued growth. Ensuring the success of the people who have made CES what it is today, a top-10 electrical distributor, is one of the core values of the family-run company.

“The sky is the limit,” added District Manager Joey Barefoot. 

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