Episode 53 | Three CES Branches Celebrate Over Two Decades of Service in Southwest Florida

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When the first City Electric Supply (CES) branch opened in Florida in 1983, it offered a new level of customer service across the state — and soon across the country. And the company’s popularity has led to over 100 more branches opening in Florida.

Today, many of the branches are long-standing fixtures in their communities. In fact, three Florida locations recently celebrated 25 years of business: CES Fort Myers, CES Cape Coral, and CES Naples. And adding to that excitement, several team members celebrated over a decade (or two!) with the company.

“At City Electric Supply, that’s our culture,” said Regional Manager Mark Mickley. “We promote from within, and we’ve done that for the 20 years I’ve been with the company.” 

CES District Manager Jason Ford began his career with CES as a branch manager and worked his way up to his current position. His son, Jordan Ford, is the outside sales representative at CES Fort Myers.

“There’s so much potential to grow and learn as an employee and person with CES,” said Jordan. “I watched my father work hard and move up, taking a small branch and making it one of the top branches in Florida. He showed us what could be done at CES and has inspired the rest of us here at Fort Myers to do the same.”

Industry Experts at Your Service

Three team members at the Naples branch also celebrated long careers: Branch Manager Timothy Groom (23 years), Operations Manager Joseph Tito (16 years), and Sales Representative Brock Speers (25 years). Meanwhile, the Cape Coral branch celebrated Branch Manager Peter Pardue (25 years) and Operations Manager Kenneth Mendonca (11 years).

Timothy began his journey in the industry 23 years ago as a driver at CES Naples. While he didn’t expect a career to bloom from the position, the values of the company made it easy for him to envision a future with CES. He soon became inspired to learn everything he can to grow within the company. 

“The company is so family-oriented and always looking out for the best for us and our families,” said Timothy.

Over the years, he took on positions as inside sales, operations manager, and branch manager.

Joseph shared a few things that have made the journey so positive for him.

“One of the major things is the friendliness of the people who work here. They are just wonderful people,” he said.

He’s also had the tools and support to grow with CES as it evolved.

“I’ve been doing this long before computers existed,” Joseph explained. “What I’m personally proud of, because I’m so old school, is learning how City Electric Supply does things.”

And he always looks forward to a positive environment.

Joseph continued, “what it really boils down to is that because we work hard and have fun, I can always leave here and say I had a good day and accomplished something. You can’t ask for more.”

Growth Promotes Growth at CES

Timothy said more than a few who worked at the branch moved up, becoming either an operations manager, a branch manager, or even a district manager. He enjoys providing the same opportunities he’s had to others.

“I hope to continue to find great people who want to progress with the company,” said Groom. “That way, I can train them, help them to move up, and keep the cycle going.”

That dedication and investment in CES team members lead to the best customer service.

“We have a lot of homeowners that come in, and they pass along the word that we’re so helpful,” said Groom. “We go out of the way for them, and then they send their neighbors to us.”

And that growth isn’t just limited to the people within the company. They find new ways to give back along the way.

CES Fort Myers Branch Manager Peter Schroeder said, “from hosting cornhole tournaments, toy drives, or helping our neighbors, I hope the people see that we try to positively impact our community members.”

The three branches demonstrate the success possible by putting the community first — from going the extra mile to get residents the material they need, to raising money for charities like the Make-A-Wish® Foundation to fostering incredible career opportunities with a new generation. Here’s to the next 25 years and the difference these locations make every day.

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