Episode 48 | CES Statesville 25th Anniversary

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City Electric Supply (CES) Statesville in North Carolina had plenty of history to celebrate during its recent 25th-anniversary event, with an incredible turnout from the community. And it seems that many agreed the gathering was long overdue.

“We haven’t had a celebration like this in probably three years,” said Branch Manager Brian Stewart. “We’re excited to do something for our customers and employees so that they know how much of a joy they are to work with. We’ve had great food and giveaways, and I think everybody enjoyed themselves today.”

“I contacted many of our older customers who retired years ago, and they all showed up today,” said District Manager Terry Henderson. “The best part is being able to give back to them. The support of our vendors and customers has been the driving force behind our continued growth in Statesville.”

And CES Statesville wants the entire community to know that the branch’s secret to success is no secret at all.

“More people every day learn about the range of product we can get and how quickly we can get it,” said Stewart.

“The readiness of our sales team is amazing,” followed Henderson. “Whatever it is, we’ll find it for you.”

Two Longtime CES Employees Celebrate Anniversaries Too

Stewart also celebrated seven years with the company and an impressive 20 years in the electrical industry.

“I’m proud of my growth here at CES, starting at the counter and working my way up to branch manager,” said Stewart. “Getting invited to work at the Statesville branch has been a major blessing.”

He also appreciates the branch team that has supported him along the way.

“The guys here are like my brothers and make it easy to come to work every day. There’s no ‘I’; everybody jumps in and works together as one.”

Henderson celebrated a recent milestone, too, of 13 years with the company. And like the branch, he started his electrical career in the city of Statesville 25 years ago.

“Everybody gels good at the branch, and with being part of the bigger family of CES, we’ve had no problem finding success,” Henderson said.

What Does the Future Hold for CES Statesville?

Co-Chief Operating Officer John Gray said, “What excites me the most is that although we’ve been here for 25 years, we still have an awful lot to do. So, we’ll continue to grow in this market and hopefully give even more people opportunities to grow with us.”

“I’m looking forward to opening more branches, and excited for what the future holds for myself and younger team members coming into the business,” said Henderson.

And Stewart said, “I plan to continue with CES, working my way up. But if I’m still here as branch manager in 10 years, I’ll be just as happy as I am today.”

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