Episode 47 | Milwaukee Demo Day

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For first responders on-site during an emergency, dependable tools can make a considerable difference in saving lives. Recently, electrical wholesale distributor City Electric Supply (CES) teamed up with Milwaukee Tool in Illinois to bring some of their most powerful tools to the Plainfield Fire Protection District training facility for a demolition day. Students and firefighters from 15 fire departments in the surrounding area tested the lineup to learn about the benefits of each Milwaukee product.

“My brother-in-law is a member of the fire department,” said CES Montgomery Branch Manager Donald Davidson. “One day, we were talking about their tools, and I recommended bringing in a Milwaukee representative to put their tools to the test. We did a walkthrough of the fire engine to learn what their crew uses and what tools would help them.”

Plainfield Fire Protection District Partners with City Electric Supply and Milwaukee Tool

The daylong demolition event simulated various emergency scenarios using Milwaukee power tools. For car accident rescues, fire department trainees cut off doors, engines, roofs, and more from fifteen vehicles ranging from compacts to SUVs. For tornado situations, trainees cut through metal doors, trees, and even concrete.

Milwaukee Territory Manager Jacob Ansara brought tools from the MX Fuel and M18 lines, which are battery-powered and cordless. That included reciprocating saws, circular saws, band saws, grinders, tower lights, and portable power supplies for other fire department gear.

“When these departments get a call, they might not always know what they are going to face, so they need to be prepared,” said Davidson.  

“Many tools in the construction industry also work for various rescue scenarios,” said Plainfield Fire Protection District Deputy Chief Vito Bonomo. “After working with the tools, our students evaluate them and provide feedback before we purchase them for our rescue vehicles.”

The benefits of the Milwaukee MX Fuel and M18 tool lines spoke for themselves. First responders didn’t have to refill tools with gasoline or pull a start—each was ready to go right off the truck.

“Milwaukee is just as much a technology and research company as we are a tool company,” said Ansara. “Showcasing several of our best-in-class products was an incredible experience. And it is always a pleasure working with CES Montgomery, which treats every customer and vendor like family.”

Milwaukee Tool Makes the Cut in Disaster Rescue Scenarios

“We’ve always had great success with Milwaukee,” said Bonomo. “I’m always excited to see what’s new, and this demolition day was a great opportunity for everyone.”

Bonomo also appreciated that CES and Milwaukee went above and beyond to bring great solutions to the Plainfield Fire Protection District.

“We’re a progressive department that does a lot of training to handle any situation. We want to pass along knowledge to those that come here by providing an opportunity to work with various tools,” said Bonomo. “Without CES coming out here to help showcase the products, we wouldn’t have known about these new possibilities.”

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