Episode 44 | CES Vail Grand Re-Opening

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City Electric Supply (CES) Vail in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains recently renovated its entire facility. It also overhauled its customer service experience, thanks to the enthusiasm of new Branch Manager Jim Miller and the staff’s incredible teamwork.

Learn how the electric wholesaler’s new design and atmosphere came together and the difference it has made for the community.

Rebuilding a More Customer-Friendly CES Vail

Branch Manager Jim Miller has worked nine years at CES in five branches across Colorado. He’s always looking for his next chance to grow.

“I’m a very optimistic person that likes to take on opportunities by the horns. When I was offered the position at Vail, I said sign me up!”

“When I offered Jim the branch manager position, his enthusiasm to keep growing within the company is something I’ll remember for a long time,” said District Manager Trey Humphreys.

Miller arrived at the branch, and he noticed a less-than-inviting layout. Employees described the space as “a series of corridors,” “narrow,” “maze-like,” and “very dark.” Miller worked with District Manager Trey Humphreys to develop a more inviting and accessible layout.

The four-month project included major overhauls: the removal of several walls, a remodeled and expanded showroom, more accessible warehouse racking, and remodeled offices. The rebuild also included new flooring and ceilings and better lighting throughout the facility.

“My favorite part about the renovation was how the team never missed a beat keeping on with business during all of it,” said Humphreys. “It was almost magical how fluidly they moved material out of the way for the contractors. The team took it all in stride because they knew the outcome would be so much better.”

The team expressed their excitement and appreciation for the upgrades.

“We have a more efficient space to work with and a lot more products stocked for our customers,” said Operations Manager Patricia Avalos.

“The lighting is the biggest thing,” said Counter Salesman Martin Bechard. “Every single customer says it’s a plus, and safety-wise, it’s a 100% improvement. You can easily see everything you need. And you don’t have to walk around the whole place anymore to get to products.”

“We can now do so much more than we dreamed. We improved the ability to serve our customers tenfold, and there’s room to grow,” said Miller.

Celebrating a New Direction at the Grand Re-Opening

CES Vail re-introduced itself to customers in the area and showed off the new look.

“I was super excited about this event,” said Miller. “It’s a chance to show customers how much better this branch has become. We wanted to give everybody in the valley the best service possible.”

Customers enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with others in the industry.

“They’re building a community out here. It’s great to get together with other contractors and see what projects they’re up to,” Jacob Erickson, Property Manager at ReliableMC.

He also spoke about the difference the location’s renovation has made for his business.

“Now I can easily pick out what I need and get in and out faster. CES only carries the best of the best, which saves me time on research,” said Erickson.

Additionally, the branch gave back by raising funds for Make-A-Wish®. The nonprofit helps grant the wishes of children with critical illnesses.

“Everyone in the community can agree it’s a great cause. Whether it’s $5 or $500, it feels great to try and be a part of something bigger than yourself,” said Humphreys.

Making Teamwork and Customer Service Better Than Ever

Miller said the team made another change that’s even more important than the remodel.

“Our number one factor for turning this branch around was our attitude toward customer service,” said Miller. “I, Martin, and Patricia took this branch and transformed it into a place where customers want to do business. Our dedication to making it better helped foster this success.”

 “We all have the same vision—a high bar of service,” said Bechard.

“These guys recognize what needs to be done without direction,” said Humphreys. “It’s a family of three who knows they can depend on each other.”

And customers notice and appreciate that difference every time they come in.

“The staff here is easygoing, kind, and can answer your questions. Whenever I have a problem to solve or if it’s hard to find material, they tackle it for me. It’s CES or nothing, in my opinion, because of the customer service,” said Erickson.

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