Episode 41 | Dedication Makes the DIfference at CES Rock Hill

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City Electric Supply (CES) loves to celebrate the dedication of long-time employees like Branch Manager Eric Morgan (19 years), District Manager Shawn Odom (14 years), and Regional Manager R.T. Smith (25 years). Employees like these bring invaluable knowledge and experience, plus a great attitude, to make CES branches appreciated in their community.

Learn about their journeys, which they shared during the CES Rock Hill 25th anniversary event in South Carolina.

Opportunity + Dedication = Success

Branch Manager Eric Morgan began his CES career as a delivery driver in 2003. He only expected it to be a temporary position, but Smith saw potential in him.

Morgan said, “R.T., the branch manager at the time, asked me to stay. Then he sent me to training to help me work my way up through sales, counter sales, warehouse, and outside sales. About five months ago, I became branch manager at CES Rock Hill.”

Morgan looks forward to someday advancing again to a district manager position or similar opportunity at CES—just like Odom, who, in 2008, also started as a delivery driver.

“I’m proud to have made my way up to district manager,” said Odom. “I feel very accomplished reaching this role, and it shows the opportunity for growth that City Electric gives its employees.”

Then there’s Smith, who has as many years at the company as CES Rock Hill.

“Coincidently, this is also my 25th anniversary at the company. It’s been so exciting and fulfilling to see how far this branch has come from where it started,” said Smith.

A Celebration for the Branch and the Community

The turnout for the CES Rock Hill 25th anniversary celebration had special meaning to all the employees that day.

Counter Sales Brandon Walters said, “Celebrating 25 years feels like I’m part of something a little bit bigger than me, and it’s a good feeling.”

“I’ve been meeting great people along the way—relationships that will last a lifetime,” said Morgan. “It feels great to have the support of the customers and vendors around this area. We’re all a part of the community, growing together.”

Customers like J Scheppele praised the branch team for their service. “We appreciate CES hiring quality people who can get us in and out quickly. They respect you, take care of you, and show that they appreciate you.”

The CES staff also couldn’t show their appreciation enough throughout the event.

Smith said, “Today is very gratifying, seeing how excited all the branch staff, vendors, and customers are about coming in and talking about the journey. So many have been with us all along the way. We wouldn’t have made it 25 minutes without their support.”

“I want to give a great big thank you to all the customers, vendors, staff—everybody that’s helped us along the way,” said Morgan. “It’s been a tremendous 25 years, and we look forward to 25 more.”

Meet the CES Rock Hill Team Today

Live in the South Charlotte metropolitan area, but haven’t stopped by the branch yet? They would love to meet you!

“Come by, experience the family atmosphere we promote here, and see the great products we stock,” said Morgan. “I’m proud of the effort, the dedication, and the positive attitudes that the team has, which got us to where we are today.”

“The group here at City Electric Supply Rock Hill is great. They will always go the extra mile to help you out,” said Odom.

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