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In 2022, City Electric Supply (CES) continues to support our communities across the US, including our neighbors, employees, local businesses, and local charities. We look back with CEStv at just a few of the ways we’ve made a difference.


DCAC Back to School Drive

City Electric Supply sponsored its fifth annual Back to School backpack drive event in Texas with Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC), an organization on a mission to improve the lives of abused children in Dallas County.

CES Cares serves as an umbrella for all the philanthropic, charitable, and volunteer efforts in which CES and its employees participate. At the drive, volunteers helped DCAC employees hand out more than 600 backpacks filled with school supplies.

“We were glad CES employees could be there to see the record-breaking event, especially when in-person volunteering has not been possible for over a year,” said Leila Bergquist, a development officer at DCAC. “It’s so special seeing the children’s faces light up when they see their backpack or their supplies, and that is because of CES.”

To hear more about it, watch the full CEStv episode here:

Make-A-Wish® Boat Delivery

On July 24, 18-year-old Victor Voras, a teen who recently completed treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, was led down a hallway to a boat filled with prizes — just for him.

“Seeing Victor’s face at the event gave me absolute chills!” said Brody Bertone, son of CES Regional Manager Mike Bertone. “When I found out he was walking in, my heart was racing. His reaction was one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt.”

CES teams in Southern and Central Florida teamed up to raise almost $17,000 for Make-A-Wish Southern Florida. After purchasing the boat and filling it with prizes, there was money left over to go toward granting other wishes.

To find out more about the big reveal, watch the full CEStv episode here:


CES Summerville 25th Anniversary

This electrical supplier in Summerville, South Carolina, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Building a successful business from the ground up makes celebrating this grand milestone even more special, as Branch Manager Archie Winningham knows from first-hand experience.

Establishing the local branch and witnessing it become a vital source of service for the surrounding community speaks to the amazing team at the Summerville branch.

But CES Summerville isn’t just all about treating its customers like family. In fact, many CES employees are family themselves. Both of Winningham’s sons worked their way up to branch manager positions, and Winningham hopes to help other employees follow the same path.

To see the celebration highlights, watch the full CEStv episode here:

CES North Charleston 25th Anniversary

An electrical supplier in North Charleston, South Carolina, recently celebrated 25 years with an incredible event. The team at CES North Charleston invited their community, including customers and vendors, to commemorate the special occasion.

Nearly 100 customers showed up for the event to celebrate the electrical supplier. Customers and vendors congratulated employees and shared memories.

“Because it’s such a milestone anniversary, we had food trucks, vendors such as Milwaukee and Klein offered 10% off, and we raffled a variety of prizes. We wanted customers to be as excited as we were,” Branch Manager Scott Lawson said.

To learn more about the exciting event, watch the full CEStv episode here:


CES Fulfillment Centers

City Electric Supply has two great fulfillment centers across the U.S. By the end of 2022, that will triple to six centers across North America. That’s over 535,000 square feet of distribution center space.

With each new location centralized to serve a specific region, CES increases its ability to deliver orders faster to customers and CES branches nationwide. In fact, orders placed by branches now arrive just 24 hours.

“With these additional centers, we rely less on other carriers and ensure customers get their orders in a more timely fashion. We avoid delays, track shipments better, and improve the quality of deliveries. My team does a great job packing products,” said Area Fulfillment Manager Demetri Caldwell.

To experience an exciting drone flythrough of our Charlotte, North Carolina center, watch the full CEStv episode here:

SolarTyme Solar Panels

Nearly two years ago, the Renewables Division of CES started collaborating with SolarTyme, a division under AAPCO that specializes in solar panel installation. With material sometimes being hard to come by due to supply chain shortages, the CES Renewables Division has been pivotal for SolarTyme’s operation, assisting with about 150 jobs over the last year.

“We provide all of the products on the solar side, on the D/C side, which are panels, inverters, racking, and much more,” CES Regional Sales Manager Tony Hancock said. “But we also try to help assist our customers with the A/C side of the install by utilizing the experts in our traditional electrical branches. We provide all the disconnects, boxes, and wires. All the things that they need to complete the job, we provide.”

“My personal experience with City Electric has been outstanding. The reports we get from our homeowners and the compliments for the installs in a timely manner have been welcomed and very rewarding as a team,” said SolarTyme Sales Director Tim Lexford.

To hear more about this great partnership, watch the full CEStv episode here:


Generac Training

City Electric Supply employees and local contractors in Cincinnati, Ohio, excitedly returned to in-person training for residential home backup generator installation. Generac installation experts led this fifteen-person class that included both newcomers and veterans.

“This is the perfect class for anybody that wants to get into installing home standby generators. It’s a two-to-three-hour class with everything you need to know as a beginner to get comfortable with quoting and installing. It’s a perfect starting point,” said Shawn Howard, CES District Manager, Cincinnati Group.

If you’re interested in adding home backup generator installation to your services, there’s no better time. Contact CES today for upcoming training opportunities in your area.

To learn more about this valuable training, watch the full CEStv episode here:

MCG Training

City Electric Supply employees recently gathered for an MCG Industrial product training, hosted by TAMCO Group, in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. CES branch managers gathered to learn about the MCG product line and appreciated the opportunity for so many to meet in person for the first time.

“Originally, the idea was solely for MCG training. But with over 55 attendees here today in Port Saint Lucie, it’s transformed into a counter day, training, and more,” said Morehead.

“You can definitely feel a positive atmosphere here within TAMCO,” said CES Co-Chief Operating Officer John Gray. “CES also has a natural positivity. Together, I don’t think you can beat this experience.”

To find out more about the event, watch the full CEStv episode here:

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