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City Electric Supply (CES) employees recently gathered for an MCG Industrial product training, hosted by TAMCO Group, in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. CES branch managers gathered to learn about the MCG product line and appreciated the opportunity for so many to meet in person for the first time.

MCG, which stands for “Motor Control Gear,” is one of six brands under TAMCO. MCG offers a broad range of products, including contactors, overloads, motor starters, variable frequency drives, control stations, and more. 

One of the exciting innovations MCG provides is custom UL-508A-compliant control panels.

“We can design custom control panels for a variety of gear controls, like water pumps. Our team can design these control panels from scratch, including the wiring and component selection, to make them do exactly what the customer needs. And we can deliver them in just two to three weeks,” said Kyler Morehead, RPP & MCG Product Manager at TAMCO.

Giving CES MCG Training to Better Serve Customers

Over the last 12 months, MCG traveled to over five states, educating 15 different CES groups on its custom solution capabilities and other products. The CES teams, always looking forward to new ways to provide better customer service, found this to be an invaluable opportunity.

“Originally, the idea was solely for MCG training. But with over 55 attendees here today in Port Saint Lucie, it’s transformed into a counter day, training, and more,” said Morehead.

Morehead also helped CES employees feel more comfortable speaking confidently on the products. He walked everyone through several possible scenarios with customers at the counter.

“We gave them the tools they need to quickly and effectively provide solutions for customers. I think everyone left excited and knowing something new,” said Morehead.

The CES team expressed their appreciation for learning firsthand information from the product experts.

“I’m very excited for all the support we’re getting from the TAMCO and MCG teams. I have had good experiences working with MCG on previous projects,” said Jeffrey Delgado, Export and Industrial Development Branch Manager at City Electric Supply.

Attendees also said they were eager to share what they learned with their branch teams and customers.

Beatriz Cintron, Branch Manager at City Electric Supply Puerto Rico, said, “I highly recommend this training for all CES employees at any branch. I’m going to go back to Puerto Rico and have my team take this training.”

Kevin Aiken, Branch Manager at City Electric Supply Melbourne, said, “MCG gave us a lot of helpful knowledge for ourselves and to pass on to our customers. It will help us grow our business in motor controls.”

Making Memories and Building Relationships

TAMCO provided many opportunities for everyone to socialize and have fun throughout the event. 

The day began with a meet-and-greet breakfast. Lunch included a mini tradeshow that featured kiosks for each of the six TAMCO brands, plus games and raffles. The training ended with a quiz game, where correct answers earned even more prizes.

“You can definitely feel a positive atmosphere here within TAMCO,” said CES Co-Chief Operating Officer John Gray. “CES also has a natural positivity. Together, I don’t think you can beat this experience.”

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