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One electrical supplier in Summerville, South Carolina, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and Branch Manager Archie Winningham reflected on his time at, and future goals for, City Electric Supply (CES) Summerville.

Building a successful business from the ground up makes celebrating such a grand milestone satisfying, as Winningham knows from first-hand experience.

“When I first got here, this used to be a car lot,” Winningham explained. “We had to redo all of the walls, cut things out, and start from square one.”

Establishing the local branch and witnessing it become a vital source of service for the surrounding community speaks to the amazing team at the Summerville branch.

“I’m proud of the team. We work well together,” said Counter Salesman David King. “Everybody helps each other.”

“We have a good group of people,” added Winningham.

And having a good team translates to great service for the community. The Summerville team always treats its customers like family.

“When customers come in, we strive to give them the best service that we can,” Winningham said.

“I’m proud to help the customers when they come in and be able to form a personal relationship with them,” added Adam Gray, who works counter sales in the branch.

But CES Summerville isn’t just all about treating its customers like family. In fact, many CES employees are family themselves.

“A lot of our employees have their families working at City Electric Supply. Archie has two sons that have come up in the company. Vice President of Operations Jim Lawson has his son, and my son works for the company as a branch manager,” said District Manager Mike Dryden. 

Both of Winningham’s sons worked their way up to branch manager positions, and Winningham hopes to help other employees follow the same path.

“I had a bunch of good managers, and, hopefully, I am a good influence on some of the guys that came through here,” Winningham added. 

Congratulations to CES Summerville on all they have accomplished in their 25 years! We can’t wait to see what you do with the next 25.

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