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Empty Lot to 30-Story Building

  • June 3, 2020
  • Written By: Celine Rogers
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What was most recently an empty lot in the heart of downtown Denver is soon to be a prestigious 30-story office building complete with a terrace, a fitness center, and three levels of underground parking offering nearly 1,000 spots. They call it Block 162, and City Electric Supply Denver South calls it an unbelievable opportunity.

“I would say this is the biggest project CES Denver South has gotten to work on,” said District Manager Randall Birely. “It’s 30 stories of Class A office space in the heart of downtown — right in the middle of it.”

City Electric Supply was initially brought in to source materials for the project in November 2018 through a connection with a customer, Bergelectric.

“We stood out to them because we can supply those hard-to-source products,” said Birely. “But our service definitely stood out as well. People know we will get them what they need when they need it, which is huge.”

While City Electric Supply brings a lot to the table, they stood out on this project specifically for their ability to supply very lightweight aluminum conduit.

“We were excited to be able to provide aluminum EMT, which is very easy to use and install. Not everyone can supply it, but it’s a big labor-saver for the guys on the site,” said Birely. “We hope it will help us win more work and quotes for them in the future. We have a lot to offer.”

Besides hard-to-find products, CES Denver South is equipped with a young but knowledgeable staff that is eager to do the best they can on this exciting project and overcome any obstacle that might arise.

“The biggest challenge we’ve faced so far has been scheduling, making sure we can get things to them in the window of time they are available,” said Birely. “The guys at the branch have learned and gotten really good at it. They know how to stick to deadlines and work within guidelines.”

The CES team has been quick to adapt to any unique needs the project might require, and while it might be one of the biggest jobs CES Denver South has seen, it’s not one that’s out of their grasp.

“The entire project has been challenging, but we’ve never questioned our ability to do the job,” said Birely.

CES Denver South has worked hard to go above and beyond in every aspect of this project, and they believe their results will lead to more projects in the future.

“This has been an exciting project, and we are excited to see what other opportunities open up because of it,” said Birely.

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