Crossroads Yamaha-Suzuki-Polaris – Albemarle, North Carolina

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[Albemarle, North Carolina] — As a full line motorsports dealer, Crossroads Yamaha-Suzuki-Polaris is no stranger to living life to the extreme. They carry everything from generators to water crafts, but are most known for their motorcycles and ATVs. Found in the quaint city of Albemarle, NC, Crossroads proves that even if you’re from a small town, it doesn’t mean you have to live small. This line of thinking has extended into how Crossroads presents their lineup of products, only wanting the best to highlight them, or in this case, to light them.

Lights are often needed for practical reasons, but sometimes they’re needed for aesthetic reasons too. Crossroads Yamaha-Suzuki-Polaris sells a lot of cool products, so it’s only natural they would want their products to be showcased in cool lighting. Tamlite Lighting was there to provide a solution to this problem, the solution being the IBLED4.

The IBLED4 high bay creates wide beams and low glare which allows for a wide range of products to be seen clearly with little visual interference. The LED has a high light output that illuminates well from high ceilings, giving the preferred rugged and industrial effect Crossroads was going for. With an estimated lifespan of 100,000 hours, the IBLED4 is guaranteed to last Crossroads for a long time, reducing lighting maintenance to once every 10 years.

With the improved lighting, Crossroads can continue to showcase their products in the best light possible, while achieving a more rugged and industrial feel.


The IB series I-Beam LED high bays are ideal for manufacturing, warehousing, commercial and industrial facility lighting applications. The superior design makes it a sturdy, user friendly and easy to install high bay.

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