Corporate and National Solutions: The Go-To for Company Lighting Services

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City Electric Supply (CES) has come a long way since 1953. While growing to 1,000 locations worldwide, CES has also developed supporting divisions in solar, marine, and GSA. Now, they’re tackling a new area with their Corporate and National Solutions (CNS) division. CNS provides lighting services to companies with multiple locations. Plus a lot more.

Over its two years, CNS has developed an impressive portfolio and faced its share of challenges. Just ask Nancy Ramdon-Connolly, Director of Sales and Operations in the North American Corporate and National Solutions division at CES.

“We haven’t gotten the chance to do all that we can yet,” explained Ramdon-Connolly. “COVID created challenges throughout the industry, so we focused on how best to convert those challenges to opportunities while keeping our employees, manufacturers, and clients engaged. Today, things are picking up, and we have great things on the horizon.”

One thing that might be on the horizon? Expanding their presence across the pond. After all, things have been working out pretty well over here. Throughout 2020, the CNS division consistently produced impressive work for its North American customers. Currently, Ramdon-Connolly heads a team with over 100+ years of combined experience. Together, they have earned CES the title of preferred vendor for many companies across the country.

Growing with the Lighting Industry

What’s helped CNS earn the trust of these companies? First, they do it all. CNS helps with design, prototypes, product procurement, project management, maintenance, warranty services, and more. Second, they have the entire CES network behind them. CNS has access to nearly 600 CES branches across North America alone and all of the resources that come along with them. So, it’s safe to say they have some advantages.

“It’s a growing market. Our industry is changing. And we are going to be trendsetters and leaders in this change because CES is really unique. That’s why I’m here,” said Ramdon-Connolly. “We have so many different offerings because of our company network, branches, and distribution centers.”

That is to say, with the rest of CES behind them, the CNS team can gather any products and provide any services their clients need. And they’ve done it, too.

“We have innovative solutions offered within the CES family. Google Nests, top-of-the-line hand dryers, generators, switchgear, and electrical components. We can access it all and much, much more,” explained Ramdon-Connolly. “With lighting concepts, 3D renderings, local resources, and boots on the ground, our partnerships with clients extend far beyond just lighting.”

What Others Are Saying

You don’t have to take Ramdon-Connolly’s word for it, either. That is, CNS has certainly had its share of positive feedback. By all means, check out what CNS customers have to say!

I have had the pleasure for over 20 years of working hand in hand with CNS on well over 100 projects. The professionalism, knowledge, and follow through have been nothing short of exceptional.

— Customer, Property Development & Management Industry

The CNS division has been instrumental in the projects our company has completed. They are consistently professional and courteous while providing exceptional service.

— Customer, Hotel Industry

We’re very appreciative of the partnership we have with the CNS team. The Concept & Design Studio gave us options that were applicable to our design intent, energy requirements, and budget. They review every location’s lighting layout to ensure our prototype lighting and controls meet requirements.

— Customer, Supermarket Industry

Interested in Corporate and National Solutions?

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