CES Roanoke Rapids Donated Lights to Community

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Recently, City Electric Supply Roanoke Rapids teamed up with the Eastern Electrical Corporation and donated four light fixtures to a memorial for fallen officers in Centennial Park.

“We wanted to get the place relit and dress it up,” explained CES Roanoke Rapids Branch Manager Joe Baird. “We used MPFLED-305kk flood fixtures with knuckles, which are becoming more popular.”

The benefit of these lights is that once they’re mounted, you can angle them in any direction.

“I think with this project being in a park, with it being so visible, it will definitely lead to more jobs in the future,” added Baird. “Even though it’s just two fixtures, the memorial really stands out.”

The project ran smoothly, only taking four to five hours. It was even ready in time for the city’s Parks and Recreation department to add shrubbery the very next day.

“We’re in a small town, so when someone needs something, we try to help out,” Baird said. “It was an easy project, but it didn’t make it any less special. We would work late in the afternoon so we could give everyone exactly what they wanted. We enjoy doing anything to help the city out.”

CES Roanoke Rapids has a lot of experience doing just that. In the past, the branch has donated and raised money for schools, little league football teams, and people dealing with illness.

“Businesses here join together to do fundraisers. It’s a small town, so it doesn’t take a lot,” he said, “but once word gets out that someone needs help, we always try to help out. Everyone sticks together.”

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