CES Raleigh: Electrical Supplier in Raleigh Celebrates 25 Years

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An electrical supplier in Raleigh, North Carolina, recently celebrated 25 years in the community with a big event for anyone in the area — and it was an incredible success. Throughout the celebration, City Electric Supply (CES) Raleigh hosted around 125 people.

Community Gathers to Support Electrical Supplier in Raleigh

“The doors to the showroom were constantly opening,” described Senior Field Marketing Manager Dakota Fugate. “But the event still ran smoothly. You could just see how well the branch team worked together.”

“We’re big on customer service,” added CES Raleigh Branch Manager Alex Sultan, who has been with CES for 15 years. “We’re always trying to solve issues and help customers with whatever they’re working on. We always want them to walk out with a smile.”

Sultan attributes the success of the branch to the incredible customers and employees who have worked with CES Raleigh over the years. That’s why he was so excited to see everyone enjoy the event together.

“Everyone seemed to have a good time,” said Sultan. “My proudest moment was after the event when I got calls from customers thanking us for the event. I’m just glad it was as fun for them as it was for us.”

And after 15 years at CES, 13 of them at CES Raleigh, Sultan was also touched by the customer turnout.

“It felt special having customers show up to support us. It shows they believe in us and respect us, and we appreciate that,” said Sultan.

Here for Customers

To show their appreciation, they made sure the event was full of things to do. Like trying Greek food from a local restaurant, entering raffles for incredible products, getting to know the branch team, touring the store, and watching product demonstrations from Milwaukee Tool and Klein Tools reps.

“One of our customers won a grill, and another won a new TV,” said Sultan. “It was just fun to see. We can’t wait for the next counter day when we can do more things like that for customers.”

Sultan and his team at the branch — Rahim Sultan, Kyle Wigmore, Brad Helms, Kevin Hughes, Scott Jones, and Carlton Perkins — look forward to putting more smiles on customers’ faces in the future, whether through their next raffle or the next project they supply. They want to be known as the electrical supplier in Raleigh customers can always trust.

“It’s incredible hitting this milestone, but it’s just the beginning,” said Sultan. “We’re always here for customers, and that’s the main message I hope they got from our event.”

Congratulations to this impressive supplier in Raleigh on 25 years of great service! We can’t wait to hear about how you guys go above and beyond for customers in the next 25.

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