CES Picks: Free to Play, Pick ‘Em Today

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Football season is ramping up, and that means it’s time to jump into our sports app, CES Picks by City Electric Supply!

Easy to Play

CES Picks is not your traditional football app! There’s no risk, just reward — simply take a few minutes to pick the winning teams each week. That’s all it takes to play for $70,000 in prizes, including weekly prizes and the grand prize! Just ask CES Denton Branch Manager Tyler Vandiver, who won $10,000.

“It’s as simple as clicking a few buttons and hitting submit. I don’t even keep up with professional football all that much. I haven’t played fantasy football in nearly a decade. But I just couldn’t let something like this go by without trying,” said Vandiver.

With team news and dashboard statistics, you can see teams’ schedules, stats, and more to help you pick the right team. And with easy-accessible overviews, you can always know how you’re doing throughout the week or season at a glance.

Easier to Win

We’re giving out even more prizes this year! Now, the top five winners of each week will walk away with a Visa eGift card worth $100 to $500!

And every week takes you a step closer to the grand prize. The player with the highest point total at the end of the season wins $5,000.

There’s more. Make perfect picks in a single week and you’ll also get entered into a raffle for $10,000. Get all the picks correct plus the tiebreaker score like Justin Backus for a chance to win a whopping $25,000.

“You might win it all, you might win some gift cards, but you’ll always have some fun,” said Backus.

Easy to Invite Everyone

Make sure your friends and family play too! Join unlimited leagues and see where you rank against your fiercest competitors. Just think of the bragging rights you’ll have when you not only win but WIN BIG!

You can even team up and split the winnings like CES Gaffney Sales Rep Matt Buratovich and Operations Manager Kevin Warburton! Each excitedly shared their ideas on how to spend half of the $10,000.

“Zero-turn lawnmowers are where it’s at! I might even update some of my old hunting equipment while I’m at it,” said Buratovich.

“Looking forward to a family getaway,” Warburton said. “We’ll probably have a nice trip to Disney World.”

Easy to Start

Just download the CES Picks app today and play! You could be our next big winner. What are you waiting for?

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