CES Orlando Central: Charitable Beginnings for a New Electrical Supplier

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The grand opening of the newest electrical supplier in Orlando, City Electric Supply Orlando Central, was simply an afternoon of success.

“The event ran from 3 to 7 p.m. We had around 12 vendor booths and a solid turnout,” said District Manager Micah O’Steen.

Branch Manager Robert Burrows Jr., who worked alongside Micah, also expressed satisfaction.

“It turned out fantastic,” he said. “I’m very happy with the customer presence we had, especially being a new branch. I thought we had good foot traffic through the doors.”

The new Orlando electrical supplier welcomed a good mix of visitors. They estimated about 60% were returning customers and 40% were new faces.

“Customers new and old thought the food was phenomenal, and they thought the stuff we were giving away was awesome,” Robert added. “I didn’t hear any complaints.”

CES Orlando Central proudly reported that some of those new faces have already stopped in again since the event. “It’s awesome to be here. We’re already making noise against the competition,” said Robert.

A Wish Come True for This Electrical Supplier

The Orlando Central branch raised over $2,200 for the nonprofit Make-A-Wish® and considered that its biggest win of the day. In addition to a 50/50 raffle and special prize raffles, the branch received many vendor contributions.

“It was the perfect scenario to tie in the opening with Make-A-Wish. Really for me, the event itself was more about Make-A-Wish,” Robert explained.

Micah continued, “The staff at this branch is very dedicated to initiatives like this, and it’s something they all take seriously. It’s a testament to how connected they feel to these types of causes. It’s admirable.”

The Orlando Central branch plans to raffle off one new item a month as it continues toward its fundraising goals. Robert ordered the October prize but is keeping it a secret, for now, only teasing, “It’s a pretty decent item.”

Meeting the Needs of the Community

“Having an additional presence in the Orlando market is of particular value. As Central Florida continues to grow, we want additional coverage across the market so that it makes sense for customers to come to us over the competition,” Micah said.

Robert leads the charge as a 10-year CES veteran out of City Electric Supply Orlando South, which has provided excellent service to Floridians for over 25 years. All of Robert’s experience and connections made his move to the new CES Orlando Central seamless.

“There was no breaking-in period. When we opened the doors, we had a small customer base move over with us, making it an easy transition,” Robert said.

Fortunately, he has the team to meet the needs of the community.

“The thing we strive for in this building and company as a whole is customer service. We do whatever it takes to take care of the customer. If it’s at all possible, we’re going to make it happen. Even if you’re not our direct customer, we’re going to treat you like you are.”

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