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An electrical supplier in North Charleston, South Carolina, recently celebrated 25 years with an incredible event. The team at City Electric Supply (CES) North Charleston invited their community, including customers and vendors, to commemorate the special occasion. Branch Manager Scott Lawson, Regional Manager Robert Haney, and others attended to show their appreciation for CES and the community that helped make the milestone possible.

“Because it’s such a milestone anniversary, we had food trucks, vendors such as Milwaukee and Klein offered 10% off, and we raffled a variety of prizes. We wanted customers to be as excited as we were,” Lawson said.

“For the 25th-anniversary event, I was excited to see so many customers come out at one time. When we let everyone know about the 25th-anniversary event, we knew we’d get a great turnout,” added Haney.

Prizes, Promotions, and Plenty of Food

Nearly 100 customers showed up for the event to celebrate the electrical supplier in North Charleston, and the team made sure it was an experience to remember.

Customers won great prizes , including an F4P Bluetooth Job Site Speaker, various quality tools, and a recteq wood pellet grill.

In addition, Foxes Fried catered, providing their signature fried chicken. Lutron, Fluke, Milwaukee Tool, and other vendors came out to provide live product demos and speak about their latest products. Some also provided special discounts for the day.

Looking Back at How CES North Charleston Made a Difference

Employees, customers, and vendors shared memories along with their congratulations.

“I go back years with Scott—when he worked at the counter. He was always available to deliver material, and it’s great to see him as branch manager now. His team stays ahead of the game, always looking out for new products for us,” said Chuck Bessinger, the owner of Bessinger Electric, who has worked with CES for 28 years.

“Some of the people I’ve worked with at CES have been key individuals in getting Milwaukee off the ground with CES on a national level,” said Luke Hutchins, Director of Sales for Electrical and Power Utility Distribution at Milwaukee Tool, who has worked in the region for 15 years.

“We’ve been doing business with CES for years. They have everything we need: wire, pipe, even hard hats,” added Kendrick Singleton, an electrician with Construction Professionals Incorporated.

“We’ve got such loyal customers who have helped us in this 25-year journey. Without them, we wouldn’t be here,” said Lawson.

This Electrical Supplier in North Charleston is Just Getting Started

Lawson has been with the company 16 years, and Haney has been with the company for 20 years. Both expressed delight in what they have seen their team members accomplish over the years.

“I’m proud of the growth of the company, but also the people within it. We have a fantastic track for people who are looking for a career. We’ve seen van drivers become branch managers and regional managers,” said Haney.

“We couldn’t have done it without our staff, who have worked so hard to get us here,” said Lawson. “I couldn’t be happier leading this team and can’t wait to see them promoted to future roles.”

“I think everyone in the company knows that everything we’ve done in the last 25 years has been nothing less than amazing. Our growth has been spectacular, and we’re just getting started,” said Haney.

Congratulations to CES North Charleston as it continues building on 25 years of success!

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