CES Inspires Donation of 300 Pairs of Shoes to DCAC

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Every year, the social impact division of City Electric Supply (CES)CES Cares, teams up with Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) to give school supply-stuffed backpacks to children who suffered abuse in Dallas County. This most recent Back to School backpack drive event had a powerful impact on the Dallas community and, as it turns out, one CES employee.

After Cree Crowder and her CES colleagues helped DCAC hand out backpacks on behalf of CES, Cree immediately told her friends and family about the experience.

“CES and DCAC really help a lot of kids who aren’t able to get what they need for school,” explained Cree. “It was kind of emotional seeing the kids so happy to get the backpacks.”

Inspired by the story, Cree’s brother, Cain Cavender, decided to host a shoe drive for DCAC. He reached out to his previous employer; his former colleague, D.W. Schabbing; and DCAC to help.

“Cain witnessed the effects of bullying as a kid himself, and he really wanted to make sure shoes were the last thing these kids had to worry about,” explained DCAC Development Officer Leila Bergquist.

“I know how important a pair of shoes are,” said Cain. “It does a lot for a young child’s confidence.”

In the end, Cain helped raise close to $8,000, which translated to nearly 300 pairs of shoes.

“Seeing so many pieces come together to make these kids smile was amazing,” said Bergquist.


  • To learn more about the DCAC/CES Cares partnership, watch this episode of CEStv.
  • For more information about DCAC and its mission, visit DCAC.org.

To donate to DCAC, visit DCAC.org/Donate

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