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CES Indian Land, SC: Temporary Branch Opens in Booming Township

  • December 10, 2018
  • Written By: Ashley Avona
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[Indian Land, South Carolina] — City Electric Supply Indian Land is currently located in a shopping center with 20 vacant spaces waiting to be filled by other businesses.

As the first business to move into the new development, this space is serving as the branch’s temporary storefront while their new facility is under construction about half a mile away. The new building will be completed in a year to 18 months, but the Indian Land branch is fully operational at its temporary location.

Branch Manager Matthew Streater said it is challenging to get a typical commercial space prepared to serve as a branch.  Streater started out at City Electric Supply three years ago. He was promoted to a branch manager position after working as an outside salesman at City Electric Supply Waxhaw in North Carolina.

He said the present branch is somewhat limited in terms of space, but Streater said he believes that they can serve any of their customers’ needs.

“We have got everything rolling, and we stock all of the products our customers need,” said Streater.

Indian Land is a relatively new township, and one of the fastest growing suburbs outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. The booming township is mostly residential with homes, shopping, and medical offices being built in the area, but there are also several large, industrial manufacturing facilities nearby that are in need of electrical supplies. This makes for a diverse customer base: mostly residential and commercial, as well as the occasional DIYer.

“We love the unique and wonderful people we get a chance to meet on a daily basis, whether it be customers, sales reps, or even just the local neighbors. We are willing to go the extra mile in terms of customer service to get any job done,” Streater said.


City Electric Supply is a family-owned electrical wholesale distributor dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry since 1983. City Electric Supply currently operates 462 locations in 29 states across the nation.


Visit CES Indian Land at:

9499 Old Bailes Rd., Suite 101

Indian Land, SC 29707



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