CES Hutto Holds Grand Opening & Make-A-Wish® Fundraiser

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For the first time since this electrical supplier opened in July, CES Hutto finally had the chance to hold a grand opening event that featured everything you’d ever want — free food, live demos, storewide discounts, and of course, a lot of giveaways.

“Vendors and customers were excited because our grand opening was the first event a lot of them have attended since COVID,” said CES Hutto Branch Manager Arthur “Buzz” Carruth. “For a salesman like me, being able to get back in front of crowd and make a pitch — it finally feels like being set free.”

Plus, giving away free stuff is always a good way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood.

“With the number of prizes donated that day, I don’t think there was a single customer who left empty-handed,” Carruth said. “Every single customer walked away with a prize. If someone didn’t get one during the event, I handed some out directly to them as they left.”

That certainly leaves one heck of an impression. It also leads to incredible results for this Hutto electrical supplier.

“After the grand opening, our customer base has doubled,” Carruth said. “The entire team spent a month leading up to the event handing out flyers and calling customers. It’s nice to see all our hard work pay off.”

For this electrical supplier near Austin, it was just nice to get together and make connections with customers and vendors both new and old.

“Our vendor partners were able to meet new customers, introduce their lines, and provide some giveaways,” said CES District Manager Mehs Ess. “I’m pleased to finally introduce our new location, CES Hutto, to the local area.”

But to truly make their grand opening unforgettable, Carruth and his team gave customers the chance to donate to Make-A-Wish® and The Caring Place, two non-profits that are very close to CES and the community.

“The fact that CES is out front with Make-A-Wish and lets me do fundraisers for local charities I care about really says something about our culture,” Carruth said. “It’s significant that we get our customers involved with these charities, too. It’s a distinguishing characteristic that makes us different from all the other electrical suppliers.”

And now that the world is slowly getting back to normal, CES Hutto isn’t wasting another second.

“We’re looking forward to getting back out there and selling,” said District Manager Mehs Ess. “It’s good to kick back and have fun with our customers, but we’re just excited to get back to it.”

“Everyone who came to our grand opening realized what a big deal this was,” Carruth added. “Customers now understand what we’re trying to do in this area. They see the relationships we have with the very same vendors they use every day.”

Now that their grand opening is behind them, what do CES Hutto and the team look forward to the most? Just getting to work.  

“We have everything in place for CES Hutto to become a top-three branch in the district,” Ess said. “The location, the experienced staff, the resources and departments we now have — it’s better than it’s ever been.”

It’ll take some effort to get there, but CES Hutto is ready to put in the work. Especially as the Austin area continues to establish a strong construction market.

“We have a real opportunity here,” Carruth said. “We expect to do great things.”

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