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CES Hudson, FL: Five Car Washes in Four Months

  • July 29, 2020
  • Written By: Celine Rogers
  • 1 Comment

The City Electric Supply Hudson, FL branch was no stranger to car wash lighting, but this job with John Ferrara Electric was different.

“We’d never worked on a car wash like this before,” said Branch Manager Billy Wood. “We’d done car washes, sure, but not like this.”

What made it unique? Two things. One, the fact that they needed to turn around not one, but five car washes in four months. Two, these car washes didn’t need small changes or minor upgrades — they needed the works.

“This was more complex than what we were used to doing. These guys wanted it all — upgraded lighting, LEDs, color-changing lights.”

What made this job challenging, though, was also what made it more exciting.

“We got to supply everything, both gear and lighting,” explained Wood, “which is not something we always get. They really wanted to go the extra mile.”

When asked how CES landed the job, Wood said it was mainly customer relationships, plus help from the Projects department at City Electric Supply.

“Besides customer relationships, the Projects department did a lot to help land this job. We really have to thank them for doing the heavy lifting with quotes.”

After winning the job with the help of the Projects department, they began working on getting the project done well and quickly.

“Timelines were the most challenging part of this project — getting everything in, getting what we needed from suppliers,” said Wood. “Especially with COVID. Everything was a crunch to open on time.”

And yet they overcame that obstacle and opened all five car washes — two Wash Cities and three Caliber Car Washes — in roughly four months.

“Despite a few small fixture delays, the project went smoothly,” said District Manager Dan Pippin.

“This will absolutely open doors for us in the future,” added Wood. “It’s already opening avenues for our contractor.”

And as for the CES Hudson, FL team, they’re already geared up for the next challenge.

“JF Electric is a great long-time customer of the Hudson, Florida location,” said Pippin. “We appreciate the loyalty and business and will work as hard as we can to grow our partnership. We certainly hope to do more projects with them in the near future.”

What People Have To Say

  • mark mickley

    Great work and collaboration between the branch and projects teams. Congrats on another successful series of projects! Fun to watch the success.

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