CES Helps with Event for Electrical Students

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Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM) is a chapter of a national trade association and apprenticeship school for electricians, and they recently returned to in-person classes for the first time in a year. To celebrate, they held a big event where electrical apprentice students could pick up their books as well as meet vendors and distributors in the industry. City Electric Supply (CES), a long-time partner of IECRM, was thrilled to play a part.

“We hold this annual expo every year as an opportunity for our industry partners to showcase new products,” said IECRM Director of Operations and Member Services Mary Beth Armbruster. “It’s also a fantastic opportunity for the next generation of electricians to learn about what’s out there.”

“The expo is great because we get to talk to students, and they get to talk to us,” added CES District Manager Randall “Randy” Birely. “It’s important for electrical students to start building these relationships before they officially move into the industry.”

And the event was a success. Over the four days of the event, around 300 electrical students showed up to pick up books, meet vendors, talk with distributors, grab swag, and network over great food.

“It was fantastic! The excitement was palpable. All of the students came together to learn and have a good time,” said Armbruster. “CES was so welcoming to our students. They weren’t there to sell, but to educate and support our students, which is so meaningful.”

According to Armbruster, she knew the event was a success because of the great feedback she received from students. Plus, the students stuck around even after picking up their books.

“We were glad to see all of the excited students,” said Birely. “Supporting people entering the trades is so important, and it’s something we’ll support whenever we can!”

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