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If you think it’s impossible for a construction project to stay on schedule, you haven’t worked with BMarko Structures. They’re changing the game for modular construction, and City Electric Supply (CES) Greenville has been happy to play a part.

BMarko Stops By

How did the partnership form? It all started with one small order of light switch plates.

“It wasn’t a big purchase, but I went out and delivered it myself,” explained CES Greenville Outside Sales Rep Brad Wilson. “When I was there, I met the CEO, Antony Kountouris, and told him I was impressed by what I saw.”

They were building apartment modules inside of a pop-up factory. Essentially, they travel to job sites, set up temporary pop-up factories nearby, build the modules on an assembly line inside of those factories, and then deliver them to the job site before closing up shop and heading to the next job.

Working inside of pop-up factories instead of outside means no weather delays (plus air conditioning, which is a nice perk), and doing the work near the job site results in a very small chance of breakage. It all adds up to one efficient system that has given BMarko a reputation for being “100% on time.”

BMarko units on the way to the job site

“We can cut timelines in half with this system,” explained BMarko Marketing Manager Tyler Wise, “but to make it work, we have to stay on top of inventory. Everything has to be ready so electricians aren’t waiting.”

CES Greenville Steps Up

And that’s where CES Greenville came in.

“Some other suppliers will give up if they don’t have a product in stock, but we don’t stop there,” said Wilson. “We have the resources and autonomy to get whatever anybody needs whenever they need it, and that was a big help working with BMarko.”

Unit being built in a BMarko pop-up factory in Greenville

But it’s not just their ability to get any product that sets CES Greenville apart. It’s their dogged determination to do whatever it takes to serve their customers.

“Drivers make a lot of deliveries, but I’ll go out and deliver a couple plates here and there in my own pickup truck if it saves them time,” said Wilson. “It helps build a relationship.”

And the relationship between CES Greenville and BMarko has only grown since the initial switch plate delivery. When Wilson made that $20 delivery, he had no idea it would turn into one of his branch’s biggest projects in just a matter of months, adding up to tens of thousands of dollars of products in the end. Since the first delivery in February, CES Greenville has supplied PVC conduit and fittings, Carflex fittings, ground bars, devices, Romex connectors, enclosures, wire, electrical boxes, ENT conduit and fittings, wire nuts, and more.

CES and BMarko Save Time

But even more impressive than their ability to get everything was their ability to get it all quickly.

“People can buy anywhere,” said Wilson, “but our service and communication make a big difference. We can save a lot of time.”

And, as it turns out, that means a lot to BMarko.

“We’re known for delivering quality products on time,” explained Wise. “So those are the same things we look for in our partners. And when we find a quality partner, we stick with them.”

Wilson hopes this is the case after the success of their latest project together.

“I think this could open up opportunities to work with them more in the future if they work locally,” said Wilson. “That’s my hope. We’d love to help them. We service customers a couple of hours away, and of course, with our branch network, we can help them anywhere they are.”

As this project wraps up, both teams can be proud of the outcome.

Completed BMarko unit

“When you go and look at these apartments in person, you realize they’re places where family memories are going to be made,” said Wise. “You want them to last for years to come, through a lot of Christmases and Thanksgivings. You’re kind of giving people the foundation to build their memories, and it’s very cool to see that play out.”

It’s nice to know that all of their hard work is going toward such a great cause. We can’t wait to see what project CES Greenville and BMarko team up for next!

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