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As a family-owned business, City Electric Supply (CES) is known for branches that feel like home. And while this is the case in all 600+ locations across North America, it’s especially true for one Fort Myers electrical supplier — CES Fort Myers. Why? Because almost everyone in the branch is related.

Fort Myers Electrical Supplier with Family Feel

Jason Ford is the district manager, his son Jordan Vititoe is an outside sales rep, and his other son Nathan Ford is an operations manager. His soon-to-be son-in-law Colt Woodside works sales at the counter, and nephew Jacob Vititoe, is their driver.

The branch is so full of family that when Jordan’s daughter, Paislee, was recently born, it became a common joke to ask what day she starts work at the branch.

Left to Right: Jacob Vititoe, Jordan Vititoe, Paislee Ford, Jason Ford, Nathan Ford, and Colt Woodside.

And that’s not the only running joke.

“We get comments from drivers when they hear the last name,” said Jacob. “They’ll say, ‘Another one?’”

“Some people will say, ‘Need a new employee? Why don’t you go to the next family reunion and pick one out,’” laughed Nathan.

Benefits for Branch and Customers

But despite the jokes, a branch full of family comes with serious benefits.

“I love working with my family,” said Jordan. “We all make each other laugh and understand each other and communicate very well.”

“When I’m in the shop, it’s cool to get closer to family as they are now,” said Jacob. “When you grow up, you go separate ways. But now we’re getting to know each other again as adults, and it’s pretty cool.”

And they seem to be working well together. Last year, they were the third top-selling branch in the entire company. The family connection is more than a benefit for them, though — it’s also a benefit for customers.

“We treat everyone like family. We treat anyone who walks in like family, not customers,” said Colt.

And CES as a whole has been that way since the family first joined eight years ago.

“When I was interviewing at CES, they took me out to dinner,” said Jason, the district manager. “We had a great time and a lot of laughs. At the end of the night, Russ Swanson handed me a business card. I told him I’d give him a call, and he said, ‘No, give that to your wife and tell her if she has any questions about the job or what it will mean for your family, to call me.’ That meant more to me than anything.”

Family from the Beginning

Jason was shocked at how much Swanson cared about him and his family from the beginning.

“I didn’t know what to say. I handed my wife the card. She said, ‘What’s this for?’ And I said, ‘The guy said I can’t have the job until you call,’” laughed Jason. “It was a great feeling. I knew that’s where I wanted to be.”

And things seem to be working out for him. In his eight years at CES, he’s moved up to a district manager position and proudly watched five relatives join the company after him.

“I started five years to the day after my dad started,” said Nathan. “It’s been great. We’ve been super busy, and our numbers keep growing.”

Together, the family has made a name for the branch as a go-to Fort Myers electrical supplier.

Opportunities for Growth

When asked what drew everyone to CES, everyone had a similar answer.

“I enjoy working here. There’s always something to do, always something to learn,” said Jacob. “If you decide to go above and beyond, you have the resources to do that and the opportunity for growth.”

“There’s so much potential to grow and learn as a worker and person,” added Jordan. “All of us have goals to move up in the company. We watched my father work hard and move up, taking a small branch and making it one of the top branches in Florida. He showed us what could be done at CES and inspired us.”

“I see so many success stories come out of this company, and my kids were drawn to that,” said Jason. “It’s nice to know that if they stay on this track, they’re taken care of.”

And after talking with each family member, there was only ever one downside mentioned about the situation.

“I love getting to spend time with my sons, but now my wife is jealous of the time I get with them,” laughed Jason. “She has to stop by the branch sometimes to get her time in.”

We are so proud of the Fort Myers branch and the inspiring work ethic that flows throughout the family that runs it. They have already accomplished so much, and we know it’s just the beginning.

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