CES Falmouth Celebrates 10th Anniversary with First Customers

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It’s not every day that a business celebrates a big milestone with its very first customers. But that’s exactly what happened when Concord Electric Supply (CES) Falmouth hosted its 10-year anniversary event. 

Rock solid relationships

John Pimental and Randy Agnew have been customers of CES Falmouth since day one — in fact, they were the branch’s first credit and cash sale customers. During the recent 10-year anniversary event, Pimental and Agnew stopped by to congratulate Rice and his team on the major milestone.

“I’ve been very happy with everything that Greg and his team have done for me. That’s why I stayed in business with CES for so long,” said Pimental, an electrical inspector. 

“Greg and I have had a friendship for close to 30 years, long before he was with CES,” said Agnew, owner of RCA Electric & Generators. “I can call them to ask a question, place an order, or have them help me out in some way and I know it will get done correctly.”

In the beginning

“In our first year of business, our team was recognized as a top-five startup branch,” said Rice, recalling a trip to Dallas, Texas, to accept a plaque.

At first glance, the growth of CES Falmouth might seem like an overnight success, but the path to its achievement started years before the opening with Rice’s careful planning.

“From the day I started at CES, my goal has always been to open a branch in Falmouth,” said Rice. “While working in other branches, I wanted to make sure that deliveries to Falmouth were as efficient and convenient as possible for customers. I knew we had to open a store there if we wanted to give the best service to this community.”

Rice fondly recalls the branch’s grand opening party, complete with a big feast, 15 vendors, and the branch’s first two business transactions.

“Our first cash sale was the purchase of two generators. It was around $10,000 and the ticket number is 00001,” noted Rice. “It’s really neat to see. I framed it and still have it to this day.”

Pimental and Agnew weren’t the only ones who cemented a bond with CES Falmouth and Rice’s team that day.

“Around 30 people who attended the grand opening are still customers to this day,” said Rice.

One decade down, many more to go

“I’ve been here for 10 years, and I don’t plan on going anywhere,” said Rice proudly.

After a decade of doing business and building relationships in the Falmouth community, it’s clear that the strong foundation Rice has built will only continue to flourish.

“I just wanted to say congratulations. They work hard; they do a lot for us, and we do a lot for them too. It’s really a two-way street and a great working relationship,” said Agnew.

“I’ve been in business in Falmouth for over 50 years, and 23 of those as an electrical inspector. I always recommend Concord Electric Supply as a place to go for any material, provided with awesome customer service,” said Pimental.

Congratulations, CES Falmouth. Cheers to 10 more years!

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