CES Apex Raised $6,000 for Make-A-Wish®!

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And CES Apex isn’t done yet.

In April, City Electric Supply challenged its branches to raise $500 for Make-A-Wish® by November. Qwon Reid, Branch Manager for CES Apex, didn’t waste a second.   

“When I heard about our Make-A-Wish challenge, I went all in,” Qwon said. “I reached out to a ton of my friends in the industry — contractors, vendors, manufacturers, everybody. Make-A-Wish® is near and dear to my heart, and a lot of customers feel the same way, too.”

For the next month, Qwon and his team focused on just getting the word out. Literally before they even knew it, they raised $6,000!

“We didn’t even realize it got that high!” Qwon laughed. “It’s just an incredible feeling that customers, employees, and friends are coming together for a common cause like Make-A-Wish.”

And this isn’t the first time that’s happened. As an electrical supplier in Apex, Qwon has a reputation in the community for giving back.

“Whenever my customers work with a charity, they reach out to me, and I reach out to others,” he said. “It just warms my heart to know that they care about the things that I care about. It shows that the relationships you build are about more than just selling electrical supplies.”

And those relationships are paying off big time for an even bigger cause. Make-A-Wish’s mission hits close to home for this Apex electrical supplier and its customers.

“Some of my customers have had to deal with the Make-A-Wish foundation personally,” Qwon said. “It just makes it that much more important to them when they see that they have an ally in CES.”

That ally also includes the entire team at CES Apex — not just Qwon.

“Make-A-Wish is important to me, and the team got behind it,” he said. “We’re all wearing our buttons, talking to customers, and promoting it at the counter. All of this is worth it because you know it’s making a big difference for the families who rely on Make-A-Wish.”

Give Back to Grant a Wish

If you want to help Make-A-Wish® families, Qwon has some advice for anyone who wants to get involved.

“Go to bat for the foundation,” he said. “Talk to people about how important it is to you and let them know how they can give back. You can’t be afraid to hear no. No is never the end of the story.”

And it’s not the end of this story, either! Qwon Reid and the entire team at CES Apex are looking to raise way more than $6,000 for Make-A-Wish by November. Let’s make history together by “making wishes come true.”

Do you want to make a donation to Make-A-Wish? Visit donate.cityelectricsupplymarketing.com to donate today, and your contribution will help impact a local Make-A-Wish chapter near you!

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