CES Aledo: It’s All About the Customer

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Hardworking, knowledgeable, ready to do whatever it takes. That’s the team’s attitude at CES Aledo, one of our newest branches to open in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“A lot of it has to deal with our culture,” said Branch Manager Chuck Hubbard. “At CES Aledo, we’re excited to invest time and effort into our customers. Doesn’t matter if you’re an electrical contractor or someone off the street, we’ll take our time to hear the issue and offer our expertise and knowledge to help you out the best we can.”

That’s exciting news for DFW contractors considering Aledo has been served by the same CES competitor for the past two decades. Phil McKinney, the CES District Manager for Fort Worth, is looking forward to showing Aledo what CES is about.  

“It’s always exciting just to see what you can do in a new area,” McKinney said. “At CES, we treat everyone the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending $10 or $10,000; we’ll service you the best we can.”

And what type of customers will come to appreciate that level of service? It turns out — just about all of them.

“We have a lot of commercial contractors,” Branch Manager Hubbard started. “The residential potential is huge out here in Texas, and the same goes for industrial, too. We have to have a wide inventory because we have the potential to work with every customer in every industry.”

Servicing every key market sounds tough, but Hubbard and his team are staying flexible, stocking everything they need to keep everyone happy.

“Since we’re in everything, our inventory is, too,” he added. “We opened a few weeks ago knowing that we would have to bend and mold ourselves as our market grows. Combined with our location and how easy it is to get to us — we can service the entire Aledo marketno matter what industry they’re in.”

What Makes CES Aledo Different?

Any time a new branch opens in a new area, customers ask this question a lot: “What makes you different?”

In an industry where business is built on long-standing relationships, it’s usually a hard question to answer. As an electrical supplier in DFW, Hubbard wants contractors to just give CES Aledo a shot.

“Just come in and let us show you what we can do,” he said. “People aren’t just a sale to us. They have problems they need solved, and I know if we can help them, we can secure them as long-time customers.”

And even though Hubbard and his team are deeply familiar with the DFW market, they’re still learning just how big it is. After all, it is Texas.

“I’ve lived all around Dallas-Fort Worth,” Hubbard said. “Every day, you can see an electrician’s truck you didn’t even know was a company. The market base is huge, and we’re excited to see customers — new and old — come into our branch.”

For McKinney, using the word “excited” might be an understatement.

“I can’t wait to see what Chuck and his team accomplish in Aledo,” McKinney said. “I’ve been involved with this team since day one, and seeing the dedication they have, how fired up they are and ready to go — they’re an absolutely awesome team to work with.”

“I wake up every morning blessed to be a part of this team,” Hubbard added. “Everyone at this branch has the chance to grow and do big things, and I’m excited to see what we do with this opportunity.”

So, what makes CES Aledo different from electrical suppliers in DFW? Well, just about everything.

What Makes You Family?

A lot of companies like to preach a family atmosphere, but Hubbard says it’s not just a saying or a tagline at CES.

“It’s the culture,” Hubbard said. “At our grand opening event, we had local branches come out here and support us. It really hits home. I’ve been in this industry for 27 years, and it makes me proud to show what we’ve built and see where we can take it.”

Speaking of family, Hubbard should know what it’s like to have a family culture. After all, he brought his wife into the business.

“My wife is behind me 110%,” he said. “I’m proud she’s the foundation under it all. I brought her into the business 15 years ago, so having her support just makes me that much more motivated to make CES Aledo a success.”

As for his work family, Hubbard knows all good things must come to an end eventually.

“I’m looking forward to watching our team members grow and hopefully promote them to bigger opportunities,” he said. “It’s my goal as a branch manager to promote them to bigger roles in the company.”

And what about his goal for CES Aledo? It’s a five-year plan that includes doing whatever it takes to just keep growing.

“In five years, I’d like to continue working hard, staying focused on growing the branch,” he said. “There’s no telling what we can accomplish together here in Aledo.”

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