Episode 46 | CES Apex Make-A-Wish® Celebration

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City Electric Supply (CES) has contributed over $390,000 to Make-A-Wish® since the beginning of their partnership. CES challenged its branches to raise $500 each toward fulfilling the wishes of children with critical illnesses — and the response was outstanding. CES Apex won the challenge by raising over $6,000!

Branch Manager Qwon Reid said, “I was excited to find out we had won. Make-A-Wish is near and dear to me, my team, and my customers.”

As a reward for the contribution, CES held a celebration at the branch in North Carolina. Learn about the event and how the Apex branch got so many involved in their community.

CES Holds a Special Event Congratulating CES Apex

Social Impact Manager of CES Cares Karen Gray coordinated the celebration recognizing the team’s achievement. There was even a special plaque presentation.

“It was such a festive environment in true CES fashion, with red and blue balloons and great food! Everyone at the branch was so excited about the presentation. It was so great to see so many people attend and cheer the branch on as they accepted the award,” said Gray.

Make-A-Wish Eastern North Carolina President & CEO Chris Winter attended to thank the Apex team personally.

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with CES. We are especially proud of our friends at CES Apex for being the top CES fundraising location in the country,” Winter said.

And CES Regional Manager Kevin Feidler and District Manager Jay Lassiter also attended to show their support.

“I was impressed by how the team dug in to make a difference for children in our community,” said Lassiter. “Everyone should know that they put in this level of work and care for their customers every day.”

In the friendly spirit of competition, a few other CES employees let Reid know it wouldn’t be so easy to win again next year.

Reid said, “Branch managers and district managers teased that they were coming after us next time. We had a good time talking about what we would do next year.”

But no matter who wins, they’re all rooting for each other to support a great cause!

How the Branch Went All-In on Their Plan to Win

So, what was the branch’s secret to success?

“My team and I knew we wanted to one-up all the other branches in our district, so we came up with a game plan,” said Reid. “We did a lot of research about Make-A-Wish so that when we approached someone, we knew what we were talking about. Then we got on the phones, got in front of our customers who came in each day, and told our story.”

Reid contacted his family and some of his best customers, who also happen to be his best friends. They reached out to others on behalf of Reid without hesitation.

“During those conversations asking for help, many shared how they were involved with Make-A-Wish in the past,” said Reid. “They knew kids in the program, including some who had wishes granted. They wanted to continue on that road and be impactful.”

The Apex team worked together to get the word out, and the community’s enthusiasm built upon itself.

Reid also spoke about how once the team gained the lead, they wanted to keep it. But when other branches asked for advice, he was more than happy to share his branch’s strategy. At the end of the day, he knew that Wish Kids would be the real winners.

“Find something you’re passionate about. Find a company you love. Make an impact on somebody else’s life and leave a lasting impression, especially when it comes to Wish Kids,” said Reid.

Do you want to donate to Make-A-Wish? Visit donate.cityelectricsupplymarketing.com today. Your contribution will help impact a local Make-A-Wish chapter near you!

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