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Behind the Scenes of Orientation

  • February 6, 2019
  • Written By: Ashley Avona
  • 1 Comment

Established in 2016, City Electric Supply Orientation serves our employees by educating them on the City Electric Supply culture. Orientation also highlights the opportunities that exist for every employee while showcasing all of the available resources to help them build lifelong, successful careers with us. We believe that CES Orientation is an investment in our most valuable assets, our people.

All new employees are flown to our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, to learn about and experience CES. Thanks to our amazing events team, we can create an unforgettable experience for every new employee.

Orientation begins by laying out the company’s long-standing history and global footprint. Established in the United Kingdom in 1951, City Electric Supply now has operations in Spain, Ireland, Turkey, China, Australia, and Canada.

The first U.S. branch opened in 1983 in Tampa, Florida, and we’ve been expanding ever since. CES currently has 470 branch locations across the nation spanning 30 states and counting. With pride, we continue to expand and serve more locations. The rapid expansion of CES would not be possible without the hardworking people who dedicate themselves to their work every day.

To serve all 470 branches, we’ve implemented supporting departments including Marketing, Training, HR, and IT. Through orientation, we introduce our staff to these supporting departments, their capabilities, current projects, products, and tools made available for them and the CES customer. These resources include mobile apps, websites, marketing materials, and much more.

An important part of the CES Orientation also introduces the five pillars of the CES Ethos:

  1. Performance. Our employees should hold high personal expectations for success and results. We also believe in striving to build a better team that inspires those around them.
  2. Empower. Exercising good judgment in decision making, inspiring innovation, and displaying an enthusiasm for taking ownership of projects and opportunities are just some of the few qualities CES encourages in its employees.
  3. Passion. We are tenacious and adaptable, fiercely dedicated to family, purposefully aspiring to be and do more each day. Embracing our limitless potential is one of the cornerstones of being an employee of CES. As we continue to grow and evolve, we want our employees to feel passionate about their careers.
  4. Service. We seek to build new relationships and develop existing ones by practicing courtesy, responsiveness, and flexibility. Our service has always been and always will be ingrained in our culture. The willingness to go above and beyond separates us from our competitors.
  5. Integrity. It is at the very core of the way we do business. With honesty and fairness, we serve our communities.

These five pillars of the CES Ethos demonstrate the morals and values that align with the CES brand. By introducing every employee to who we are, where we’ve come from, and what we believe, it is our hope to create excitement for their future at CES and have them go into their new roles with new knowledge and excitement for their future with us.



What People Have To Say

  • Robert Voigt

    I was a part of that 58 person group I believe! I had a blast while in Dallas! Togo De Chao was AMAZING!!! I even bowled a turkey when we all went bowling. City Electric is a great company to work for if your wanting a career with opportunities versus just a job. I’m excited about my future at CES. Maybe one day my office will be on the 15th floor.

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