A Mission for Masks

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With the spread of the coronavirus, there has been an increased need for protective masks. As supplies struggle to meet demands and many have been forced to reuse masks or go without them entirely, several City Electric Supply employees wanted to do something to help.

“I knew I needed to do something,” said Bill Kelton. “When one of our largest customers asked for masks,” said Bill. “I called a vendor who told me it would be four to six months before they would have them in stock, so I began calling other branches.”

Bill was able to provide several masks for his customer, but it made him think of other people in need of masks.

“I knew I needed to buy them to help out my community and customers,” said Bill. “I wanted to involve other branches, and that is when I reached out to Fred Cantres.”

Cantres worked with Bill to reach out to nearby branches, and six of them ended up participating.

“When Bill called, I immediately said yes,” said Cantres. “I have a few friends in the medical field, so I really wanted to do what I could to help.”

Cantres and Bill worked with Deland Branch Manager Kristine Reeder, Port Orange Branch Manager David Moyer Jr., and Sanford Branch Manager Harry Moscoso Jr. to purchase masks for people in their communities.

“It feels good to help anybody in the community. My daughter is a nurse, so being able to help felt great,” said Reeder.

Together, they were able to find 10 boxes with 50 masks. With everyone’s help, they were able to donate masks to 10 different local hospitals, police departments, and fire departments.

“It was nice to be in a position to help local hospitals with mask donations. It was nice to be able to help in a time of need,” said Moscoso Jr.

The branch managers were touched by how grateful the recipients were to receive the masks.

“It felt great to help out and give to the first responders at Port Orange Fire Department. It was nice seeing how grateful they were even though we were just trying to help where we could,” said Moyer Jr.

Bill was surprised by the excitement of the hospital workers who received his mask donations.

“I have never seen people so grateful for masks,” said Bill. “When I arrived to drop some off at the Advent Hospital in Orange City, they ran up to me to thank me.”

The CES team knows their contribution only made a small dent, but they also know every bit is important.

“You help people who help you,” said Bill. “The heroes in our community who help us out on a daily basis need our help right now. Purchasing these masks and helping them was worth every penny.”

Along with doing everything they can to support local heroes, the team is also passionate about doing everything they can for their customers.

“Earlier last week, I called every single one of our customers to check on them and see if there was any way we could help,” said Bill. “They are all family, and I love showing them how CES cares the way we do.”

The branch managers were motivated by love for their customers and community.

“We wanted to lend a helping hand and give back to a community that continuously gives to us,” said Bill.

And their mission is far from over.

“There are still people out there that need our help. This is a time to come together and help each other,” said Bill.

They are just getting started, but they know this is a fight everyone is in together.

“I want to help others, and I know many people who will help me,” said Bill. “I am just a regular guy, but I can still help and serve.”

How You Can Help

If you want to see what you can do to help, please reach out to CES Cares. We have a few resources available to help you get started today!

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