A Better Tent City

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For most Canadians, navigating the COVID-19 crisis is hard enough, and as waves of lockdowns become the norm, those faced with homelessness enter another predicament — how to lock down and keep safe.

A Better Tent City project was launched in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, to assist many displaced individuals and families with an inclusive space comprised of 24 tiny homes. The project has since been rated one of Canada’s Top 100 Recovery Projects by the Future of Good.

How CES and Conestogo Electric Built a City

The region of Waterloo’s Unsheltered Campaign came together with several other persuasive individuals to provide adequate housing for all, regardless of economic or social divisions. City Electric Supply (CES) Kitchener supplied material for power, heat, and lighting to long-time customer Conestogo Electric Inc., the company that handled installation.

“Typically, we review all the project information and will collectively collaborate the most effective solution with CES in order to give customers the best value of service,” said Matt McCutcheon, Service Manager at Conestogo Electric Inc. in Kitchener.

Occupants can take advantage of the insulated homes’ many features, including kitchen and laundry facilities; washrooms; cooking appliances; and permanent power for heat and lighting.

The community of cabins also includes shared spaces where residents and volunteers work together to keep the area orderly.

Building Homes on a Foundation of Respect

“Thanks to this mission, displaced people have a safe space to call home,” said CES Marketing Manager Sabrina Stalteri. “They have a place to secure possessions and develop a sense of belonging and respect.”

Stalteri added that many who worked on A Better Tent City found new strength and solidarity within their community, too. Their hope is that the project helps displaced people regain their dignity and re-take control of their lives.

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