New Global CMO Mehdi Tabrizi Talks Exciting Future for CES

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City Electric Supply (CES) President and CEO Thomas Hartland-Mackie recently selected Mehdi Tabrizi as the first CES Global Chief Marketing Officer, which is exciting news not only for customers and employees but anyone in the electrical industry.

“We’re thrilled to have Mehdi on board and to leverage his knowledge and experience to implement a global strategic marketing vision for CES in North America and our UK business, City Electrical Factors,” said Hartland-Mackie. “As the Global Chief Marketing Officer, he’ll help grow our global brand and build upon our successes.”

Who is Global CMO Mehdi Tabrizi?

Mehdi Tabrizi is a trailblazing marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing. He has led successful marketing functions for companies of all sizes, from startups to global corporations. In every position, he was motivated by a desire to learn, innovate, and make a positive impact.

“I always had a strong passion for innovation and creativity, and I embrace it whenever possible,” said Tabrizi. “I studied mechanical engineering because I saw it as an opportunity to innovate creatively, and I spent time in product planning because I wanted to find creative ways to improve the customer product experience.”

As Global CMO, Mehdi aims to unify CES marketing departments internationally under one cohesive, strategic mindset. Besides his extensive marketing experience, he is also uniquely qualified to undertake this global role because he has significant firsthand experience connecting with people across different cultures. He was born in Iran and moved to the United States at 11 years old. Then, at 15, he moved to Australia.

According to Tabrizi, growing up in different cultures helped him develop many skills he hopes to use to unite CES marketing departments from around the world.

A New Customer Experience

All of Tabrizi’s experiences led him here, to marketing at CES, where he plans to use his passion for innovation and customer experience to support the company’s continued growth.

What will that look like?

“It’s not about traditional marketing or big, global marketing campaigns,” clarified Tabrizi. “It’s about uniting our marketing teams internationally to create new and better experiences for our customers.”

According to Tabrizi, a key step toward creating these experiences is leveraging data and insights — finding out what customers need and want from CES. The next step is finding creative ways to translate those insights to customer value via new services, experiences, and even products.

Tabrizi’s mission? To find new ways to understand, anticipate, and fulfill customer needs and wants.

New Opportunities for CES

One thing Tabrizi admires about CES is the company’s people- and customer-focused culture. He appreciates how the company promotes from within and how branch teams go the extra mile for their customers.

“I appreciate CES because we have similar values and share entrepreneurial spirits. When I interacted with people from the company, I liked the values I saw — approachableness, thoughtfulness, integrity, and authenticity,” said Tabrizi. “For me, that was the most important thing.”

CES is excited to have Tabrizi on the team and looks forward to embracing a future with an even more impressive customer experience.

“I’m not here to fix anything. Nothing is broken,” explained Tabrizi. “I’m here to unify the CES brand internationally. Together, we will find new opportunities to connect and advance the experience for our employees, customers, and their communities.”

What’s Next?

And that’s something employees, customers, and electrical industry followers can be excited to hear. As Tabrizi and his team identify the evolving needs of CES customers, electrical industry professionals can look forward to even more personalized and connected experiences.

“We have so much opportunity ahead of us,” said Tabrizi.

The message new Global CMO Mehdi Tabrizi wants to leave you with? Stay tuned.

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